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Painted Milk Bench

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The perfect color for a painted bench? Vintage!

There is an unspoken trifecta when I am thrift shopping.

  • Finding an awesome item that is unique and in great shape.
  • Said item is found for a fabulous price.
  • Knowing instantly what I am going to do to makeover this item – and hopefully it is quick and easy!

Look at this sweet painted bench I found:

Remember when I went thrift shopping a couple of weeks ago with my friend Darlene? This was one of the great things that I found that day. I refer to it as a milk bench, but I am actually not really sure what type of bench that it is. What I do know is that it is made of wood and I do not like this color at all.

But for the small price of $2.02 there was no way I was leaving this behind on the thrift store shelf. It was scooped up quicker than you could say “Give me a makeover” and placed in my cart.

My mind was already racing to my paint stash at home. This little paint color cutie (below) is such a pretty shade and it is appropriately named “Vintage”. It kind of reminds me of the color of the water on an old map. Once I got home I cleaned the bench well with warm water and a rag, being sure to dry it well. Affiliate links included for your shopping convenience.

Steps for a Painted Bench

Color is a personal taste. This hue of blue suits me and my home decor so much better.

Don’t ever be afraid to change anything in your home to suit your needs or taste preference.

I created this book page art a couple of years ago. It gets moved around the house periodically.

You know how much I love to use thrifted silver pieces in the house too. This silver coffee pot was just $1.00 a few years back. The silver is pitted and tarnished which just makes me love it just a bit more. Nothing too perfect in my house, including me 🙂


I love transforming thrifted finds to suit my style and my home decor. Especially when these items are only a couple of dollars!

Remember, you can change practically anything with a coat or two of paint! What have you found at the thrift store lately?


  1. I love the color you chose for this bench, Vicki, it’s perfect for your home. I love all the different shades of blues you’ve been incorporating lately. It’s such a pretty layered look. I don’t know what kind of bench this is but it’s super cute and you can’t beat that price. Score! Hugs, CoCo

  2. Antonella says:

    That is in great shape and it looks amazing! Love the result!

  3. Love this idea! Thank you Ladies

  4. Sally Smith says:

    Love it….also the blue picture behind it!!! Where did you get that????

    1. Thank you Sally. The painting is a clearance purchase from HomeGoods. We bought it back on Mother’s Day during a mother/daughter outing. A great find for sure!

  5. Lynn Reeves says:

    Can you tell us about the lovely floral painting in the background?

    1. Thanks so much Lynn. The painting is actually from HomeGoods and we found on clearance when we were shopping together on Mother’s Day. It was such a lucky find!

  6. Love it! Who would have thought that little thrift store bench could be brought to life in such a beautiful way.

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