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Bookcase Makeover with Textured Paintable Wallpaper

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Do you ever get a bee in your bonnet? You know…an idea that you can’t let go of and it keeps buzzing around in your head. And you refuse to let go of this idea until you throw a temper tantrum like a two year old  can convince a loved one to help you. That’s exactly how I felt about my bookcase. It’s located on our upstairs landing where I have been creating my office space – so I look at these shelves frequently. Every day…all day long.

My first idea was to paint the walls a lighter color including the wall behind the bookcase. Then, I realized that we live in an open concept home. Painting walls wasn’t going to be as simple as I thought. Each wall is connected to a wall connected to another room with no easy cutoff point. In other words my hopes and dreams were dashed. Painting the interior walls of my house is not in the budget…for now.

But…I didn’t give up. My next idea was removable wallpaper for the bookcase…but I couldn’t find anything I liked that wouldn’t clash with the current wall color. I headed out to Lowe’s and I was determined that I was not going to come home until I had a solution that I would be happy with.

I found textured paintable wallpaper. Cue the angels…I knew this would work. Honey Bee and I used this type of wallpaper in a previous home to cover-up wallpaper that wouldn’t come off the walls. Incidentally, at that time I swore, in my best Katie Scarlett voice – “as God as my witness, I will never have wallpaper in my home – ever again”. Until now that is…this is an inexpensive solution that I knew would make me happy.

IMG_0136Here’s what I started with. That glossy streak at the top is a mystery – we don’t know what it was. The paint color is Sand 4 and a tad dark.

Bookcase Makeover Using textured paintable wallpaperJennifer removed the shelves for me which was not an easy task…the shelves were really wedged in there. I chose this pretty pattern Damask in white by allen + roth. Being that I wanted a white background, I chose to use this unpainted – but you can definitely paint this paper. It was easy to hang – I pasted the wall, cut three sheets of the paper, lined up the pattern and trimmed it off.

Bookcase Makeover Using textured paintable wallpaperJennifer hung the shelves back with varying heights. Then the fun began – we gathered up some of my treasures and started styling the bookcase! We love our results!

Bookcase Makeover Using textured paintable wallpaper

Bookcase Makeover Using textured paintable wallpaperThis art print was a gift from Jennifer. I placed it in this vintage barn wood frame…

Bookcase Makeover Using textured paintable wallpaperDoesn’t the wallpaper look beautiful? Here’s some of my fave books and an old spool from a local mill from long ago.

Bookcase Makeover Using textured paintable wallpaper

Bookcase Makeover Using textured paintable wallpaperHere’s part of my aqua bottle collection with a vintage wire spool and Brownie camera.

Bookcase Makeover Using textured paintable wallpaperJenn and I both have a weakness for pretty vintage and antique globes.

Bookcase Makeover Using textured paintable wallpaperRemember back in January I shared with y’all my word of the year. I really am living by this word – LEAP! I appreciate it being in this bookcase where I get to see it every day!

Bookcase Makeover Using textured paintable wallpaperThis is one of my grandma’s antique african violet pots. I think it’s about 80 years old now. Grandma always had lots of these pots and violets all over her house – she had such a green thumb. It makes me smile to think of that now.

Bookcase Makeover Using textured paintable wallpaperI can’t quit looking at my shelves. I know how I am – these shelves will change many times in the future. But this looks so great I don’t see me changing anything in the near future.

Bookcase Makeover Using textured paintable wallpaperBefore and After…

Bookcase Makeover Using textured paintable wallpaper

Thanks for stopping by today. We hope you like our project as much as we do!

XO~Vicki and Jennifer


  1. Vicki love these are amazing! I adore the way you brought your vision to life despite the set backs with the paint. The styling is beautiful as are these photos. Love it all!

  2. You did a really fine job – the bookcase is the star of the upstairs now.

  3. This is beautiful! I love the texture and the crispness of the white against your vintage goodies! Great job!

    1. Thanks so much Angie! We really love how it turned out…and I’m grateful this is in my house and not Jenn’s 🙂

  4. Vicki and Jennifer,

    You did a great job making over this bookcase! i have a couple of lawyers cabinets I have been thinking of doing this too! I love them, but they are so dark inside and it makes it hard to see everything. This is a perfect solution! Thank you for the inspiration!


    1. Cat – the textured wallpaper made a huge difference. There are different patterns of this brand too! Thanks so much!

  5. Hi Vicki and Jenn, Wow your book shelves look soooo good. I love the pretty textured wall paper behind them and how you styled them too. It’s so amazing what a little paper or paint can do for a space. Looks amazing. xo Lisa

    1. Hey Lisa – it looks good right? We are loving it. Now all of our treasures pop off the white background.

  6. So beautiful ladies! I had never heard of this stuff, but it’s gorgeous and I love all your treasures!
    I may have to try this on my shelves!

    1. Thanks Karen! Yeah – it’s a great product. You can also paint it in any color that you want if you prefer. Let us know if you try it!

  7. What an awesome (and easy!) update to your bookcase. I’ve looked at textured wallpaper at my home improvement store, but never loved the pattern – I really like the one you picked out – I may need to head on over to Lowes… You styled the bookcase beautifully! Nice job!

    1. Hey Jenny – thank you so very much! It really is an easy project and it was fun to style the bookcase together! The wallpaper really does make the difference.

  8. I love this look ladies! It adds just enough texture but it’s not over powering… I;m not a fan of the bright painted bookshelves but I love this!!

  9. It looks great! Adds dimension and interest.
    The fact it is paintable is great and I can easily imagine even bed headboards with it.

    1. Oh my gosh – headboards would be fantastic with this wallpaper! You are always so clever…thanks for stopping by!

  10. Great job with this! And your styling is perfect! Love!

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