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Book Page Garland Swag

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Dare I say that this book page garland swag turned out beautifully.

Transitioning my home decor from holiday to winter I wanted it to be light, soft  and pretty. At this time of year with our freezing temps I tend to be indoors more. Therefore, I really put thought into what I would be looking at the most. A big focal point is the living room fireplace and mantel. Mantel decor is always changed out with the seasons, but I wanted to create something new and different. This book page garland swag is definitely soft, pretty and a conversation piece.

It all started with a yard sale book

I won’t bore you with showing you the same old book that I use for all of my book page projects. LOL Suffice it to say that this book has served me very well! I have used this vintage book to make the Magnolia Wreath, Mini Book Page Wreath, Spring Book Page Art, and Oversized Gift Wrap Name Cutouts. There are a lot more. Just search our website for “book page”.

The pages are 12 ½” long. Using the full length of the page, I created a rough design shape and then cut it out to use as a pattern piece.

Book page garland swag leaf pattern

  • Several pages can be cut at one time.
  • Typically four (4) sheets were used.
  • Lightly fold lengthwise in half. You do not want a heavy crease.
  • Wrap the pattern piece at the crease at the fold and mark with a pencil.
  • Cut on the pencil line.
  • Cut 46 leaves for a 5 foot mantel. Keep in mind you may need more or less leaves for your mantel, shelf or ledge depending on the size.

Book page garland swag tutorial

It is so much easier to cut the leaves in batches.

book-page-garland-swag. Cut oversized leaves with vintage pages for Book page garland swag

Using a hot glue gun, carefully add one dot of glue and begin layering the leaves in a flowing pattern.

Book page garland swag leaf pattern. Cut as many as you want. Start putting the swag together with dots of hot glue.

After assembling 5 leaves I found it easier to put together the rest of the book page garland swag directly on top of the mantel. This way I could determine the flow of the leaves better.
book-page-garland-swag. Book page garland swag easier to make on the fireplace mantel or a shelf ledge.

Book page roses were added because I love them. I think they are so pretty and they add more dimension and interest to the garland. Jenn and I have made them before and you can see the tutorial HERE.

Book page garland swag with book page roses.

This flows so beautifully down the sides of the mantel.

Book page garland swag looks beautiful on the fireplace mantel. For added dimension book page roses were added.

Now, I’m not trying to be mysterious, but I am in a group tour on Thursday sharing my full Winter Mantel. You can see the book page garland mantel in its entirety then. What do you think so far?

Book page garland swag and book page roses.

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Book Page Garland Swag - so pretty and feminine with paper roses

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  1. I can’t take it – this is gorgeous! Seriously, all of your book page projects have been beyond amazing. I love the way this one drapes too. I didn’t even know paper could do that – SO trying this! Hugs, CoCo

  2. Debra K Casebere says:

    I love it! It’s so light but adds soo much texture and interest to the mantel. I can’t wait to try it!

  3. What a great idea! Love the approach of keeping it light during the winter time.

  4. I’m with Coco! I love all of the book page projects, as well. I don’t have a mantel here in sunny Florida, but I will find a spot for this project.

  5. Stephanie ReadsWell says:

    Oh my gosh, this garland swag is so creative. I can’t believe that we can make something beautiful like this one with a book.

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