What I Bought at Scott Antiques Market

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Today I am sharing what I bought at Scott Antiques Market in Atlanta.

Thrifting and antiquing are a couple of my favorite pastimes. I love the thrill of the hunt as much as finding a diamond in the rough. For me it is like modern day treasure hunting. I am always interested in what other people collect and purchase – and I know that you are too. Let me show you what I bought at Scott Antiques Market.

vintage and antique finds

What to buy at an antiques market?

Previously I shared Tips for Shopping at Scott Antiques Market. One of my most important tips is to create a list of items to be on the hunt for. I truly do keep a running list of items to buy at antique shops as well as thrift stores. It is so very easy to get overwhelmed and distracted by all of the pretty things.

On this particular day, I was able to purchase a few things from my list.

French Milled Soap

French Milled soap is known to be the finest quality. Not only is it plant based, but it is smooth on your skin and so gentle that it lathers very easily. I was thrilled to find lavender French milled soap at the market, and purchased four bars.

French soaps

Keep an open mind with your wish list

In the near future, I hope to do a makeover in the guest bedroom. When I spotted this funky, organic piece, I knew that I had to have it. The seller explained that it is a South African star pod. This is where the star anise spice comes from. After the seeds, or stars are harvested and dropped, this is what is left.

It will look great resting on top of a stack of books.

Glass Beads

These glass beads are thick, heavy and gorgeous. They are prettier than sea glass.

Glass Beads

Vintage monogrammed linens

You may not know this, but I have a weakness for vintage linens. Pillowcases, aprons, hand towels and more. I especially love vintage monogrammed linens. Personally, I have never come across a linen with my own initials – and I truly don’t mind others monograms.

The seller stated that this particular item was a French laundry bag. I hope to use it as a pillowcase. We will see how it goes!

This is a gorgeous set of 6 Damask monogrammed hand towels. They are definitely oversized. Now I need to decide if I am truly going to use these as hand towels on a daily basis. The seller encouraged me to do so and stressed that they clean beautifully.

Antique Butter Pats

Have you ever seen antique butter pats? They are like a doll-sized version of serving ware or china patterns. In the 18th century households used butter molds to form patterns with pats of butter. They were served on butter pats at mealtime. These were too pretty for me to pass up

Wooden spool

Whenever I see vintage wooden spools for a good price, I can’t pass them up. They typically held yarns or industrial thread in factories.

I hope that you have enjoyed this look into what I bought at Scott Antiques Market, and things that I collect. I would love to know what you look for when you go antiquing.

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