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Tips for Shopping Scott Antiques Market

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Have you shopped at a large antiques market before? Here are tips for navigating and shopping Scott antiques market – or any large market.

Last week, a few of my friends and I ventured to Atlanta to Scott Antiques Market, It is a super-sized event that takes place the second weekend of every month. This market – or any extra-large market can be an overwhelming experience. If you are considering attending a venue of this size, I offer you my best tips for shopping Scott Antiques Market.

Make a List

Before you leave home, create a wish list of items that you want to be on the hunt for. This will help keep you on track when you arrive at Scott’s. There is an overwhelming amount of treasures in each building. You will be tempted to go rouge LOL.

Take a Tape Measure

If you are looking for a rug, artwork, piece of furniture, etc. – you want to be sure to have a tape measure. You would hate to get a large piece home only to discover that it is too big or too small. Be sure to measure your space(s) at home before you leave. Have these numbers on your list as well.

Wear Comfortable Clothing and Shoes

Wearing comfortable clothing and especially comfortable shoes is of utmost importance. On the particular day that we attended the temperature was 94º and the heat index was 107º. Don’t even get me started with the humidity. Some vendors are outdoors, so you want to plan accordingly. I wore a sundress and cute sneaker type shoes.

Hands-free Purse

Use a crossbody bag or small backpack when you go antiquing at Scott’s. You want to be sure that both hands are free for picking up items for inspection.

Bring extra bags or a cart for purchases

After making multiple purchases, you will want to corral all of your items. Some vendors don’t even offer bags after you buy something. I find it best to bring along a couple of lightweight fabric bags with handles. It makes it so much easier to continue shopping while enjoying the experience. A lot of vendors will hold your items while you continue to shop. If you are on the hunt for larger purchases, you might consider bringing a rolling shopping cart.

Bring Cash

You can more often than not get a better deal when paying cash. Also, some vendors are not setup to take credit cards or debit cards. Be sure to have cash for tipping the porters who move and load large purchases for you.

Review Their Website

Scott Antiques Market is housed inside two very large expo buildings. The North building has lots of authentic antique furniture, rugs, original artwork, silver and so much more. The South building has collectibles, new furniture, new artwork and a bit of a flea market vibe.

I highly recommend eating lunch when you have completed your first building. This gives you a chance to rest up and refuel before the next building. Each expo has multiple food options.

Don’t Get Distracted

There is no way to avoid sensory overload once you enter the building. Refer to your list but also keep an open mind for a fun or splurge purchase.

Be Kind

Above all else, be kind and courteous. You never want to insult a dealer by trash-talking their prices or their wares. They have curated the very best items to sell. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people in the past say things like: “why is this so expensive”? “This isn’t worth it” or “My parents had one when I was growing up and they didn’t pay that much for it”. The bottom line is, they are professional dealers who know the value and worth of what they are selling. Simply ask a dealer “is this your best price”? and they will typically give you a better price. Do NOT offer them a lowball offer.

Save your ticket stub

Parking at either Expo building is free. Upon entering the parking lot ,there is a $5 entry fee per person. Be sure to save your ticket stub as this is your entry fee into both buildings. Just simply show your stub to the ticket attendant.

I hope that you have found these tips helpful. Remember, they are the same tips to use at any antiques or vintage venue.

Next week I’ll share what I bought at Scott’s. Happy hunting!

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