Weight Loss Update #2

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Hey y’all…so glad you are here! We have each had some trials and tribulations this month. We always tell you the truth – no matter what. To say that we need a bit of encouragement would be an understatement. This is a tad painful and embarrassing but it is real and honest for weight loss update #2.

Vicki’s Story…

Today’s update feels like pulling off a band aid…in slow motion.

This has been a rough month for me. I got out of my routine and I practically let it derail the entire month. Let me get the excuses out of the way…


  • It rained every single day of the month sans one. Not kidding. No sunshine. Because of our crumby weather, I lost control of my outdoor walking routine.
  • I was sick for a few days. During this period I didn’t eat breakfast and I was eating dinner late at night, going to bed on a full stomach.
  • I was very stressed out with commitments and deadlines. I fell into my old pattern of not eating regular meals and snacks…and reaching for not-so-good-for-me food. Okay, okay – it’s called “comfort food” for a reason!

I could go on-and-on with the excuses but it doesn’t serve me well to wallow in self pity. You get the gist with these basic highlights.

Weight Loss encouragement

Recognizing what I should have done…

  • I could have easily worked out inside the house. I’ve actually been doing that in the past…dancing, walking DVD and Netflix exercise programs.
  • Pay more attention to my overall health and have better eating habits, especially when feeling under the weather.
  • Knowing that stress triggers my bad habits and to be better prepared. I had healthy food in the house, but for the sake of “saving time” I grabbed whatever was available in the pantry and made me feel good in that moment. As we all know moments are fleeting.

WL 3 quote


  • I lost one pound for the month and I am happy with that. This journey for me is all about self discovery and I learned a lot this month. This spells success for me.
  • I didn’t let this setback totally derail my entire month and my previous success. I recognized just past the midway point that I needed to get back on the healthy train.
  • I am not a number – I am a person. BUT the number is important because it is my gauge that lets me know if I am on track or not.
  • Always be mindful of my health.


Jennifer’s Story…

Whereas mom was able to find some successes, I am in a capital R.U.T! I have literally done nothing this past month to live a healthier lifestyle and yes, I am slightly beating myself up over it.  In a month I could have been eating healthier, exercising, and feeling better about myself.  Instead, I did not watch what I ate, maybe exercised twice, and you guessed it, I feel like crap.  I have low energy and feel bloated all the time…not really helping my self esteem all that much haha.

wl 3

And to be honest, it’s not all about the number, but instead about feeling better. When I’m on track and eating clean foods that fuel my body, I have so much more energy. I hate feeling so sluggish, but it is just a vicious cycle.

My excuse is that I have been travelling quite a bit for work and on these trips I eat a lot of rich foods, but no one is forcing me to order dessert every night or eat a million scones a day 🙂

For myself, I know that once I get into a routine, I can stick with it.  The hard part is not completely derailing off course if I get off track one day.  If I meal plan each week, I am in great shape.  As for the exercising, I know for myself I have to get it done before work.  I can wake up the extra 30 minutes and get moving.  I’ve done it before and when I accomplish this, I feel proud of myself.

wl 2

This quote really resonated with me.  I am my biggest competition and my own worst enemy.  I let myself stand in my own way from making better choices.  I need to get in the habit of asking myself before I put anything in my mouth, “Is this going to fuel my body or hurt my body?”  Now there are times where I may need that ice cream cone and that’s okay.  But right now I’ve been “needing” that ice cream cone everyday, which is more like a triple scoop cone instead of a single.

But in the words of Scarlett O’Hara, “After all, tomorrow is another day,” and I am lucky that I can start fresh and make better decisions going forward.  When it comes time for our update next month, I will have done better.

We have spoken from our hearts today in the hope of helping someone else that may be struggling. We love the personal notes that you have sent us…sharing your own health journeys and struggles. Keep the notes coming! We also appreciate your words of encouragement – it means so much to us. Feel free to share your own updates with us as well. As we have said before, we are not health professionals. We are just two people in search of a better healthy lifestyle. Hugs to you all!

XO~Vicki and Jenn




  1. I really admire you guys for putting yourselves out there. Weight loss is tough, right? I lost 2 pounds but I totally fell off the treadmill wagon and I don’t have any excuses, sleeping in seemed like so much more fun. I’m gonna get back on track like you guys did. Thanks for the pep talk. Hugs, Coco

    1. Thank you so much CoCo. If we have learned nothing else, it is that we must be transparent and honest. Weight loss is very tough but we will persevere! Congrats on the weight loss! And remember, sleep is probably more important than anything else for your overall health!

  2. That quote speaks to me too, Jenn! I’ve been on the tomorrow-is-another-day method for a, um, a couple of years now. Why can’t the weight loss method be as easy as the gain?! Thank you both for honestly sharing your journey! There’s a lot more of us that can relate than you know. Aiming for better choices today because of your encouragement!! Hugs!

    1. I know Angie! So glad it spoke to you too! Thank you so much for the encouragement…we are cheering for you too!

  3. Oh, I’m a stress eater too. My chubbiness can lead to cancer and other bad health problems, I have to keep remembering that. This is encouraging me to be more mindful in my eating. We can take this journey together, I need it and I hope I can virtually jump on the weight loss bandwagon with you guys.

    1. Mary Beth – we think that stress eating is the problem for the majority of the people we know. We are so glad that you are encouraged and hope that you will continue on they healthy journey! Best of luck!

  4. I am unbelievably proud of both of you! Your honesty and exposure are a testament to the strong women that you are! Keep up the great work!

  5. I had blood work done recently and was surprised that my fasting sugar was 101. It should be below 100. The doctor told me to watch carbs and sugar in my diet. I thought I already was! I guess there is always room for improvement. You keep fighting the good fight, and I will, too. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Marion – It amazes us that we even think we are eating “healthy” but when we read the labels on food there are so many hidden dangers. We will continue the good fight too. We will encourage you along the way!

  6. HI Vicki and Jenn, you girls are so fabulous and I love how you are opening your hearts and sharing your raw authentic selves. If it makes you feel any better I was doing good as far as weight loss goes and the last two days I’ve eaten some really junk late at night and put on a few lbs just in a couples. Today is a new day for all of us. I love your quotes. xo Lisa

    1. Thanks Lisa – This weight loss and health journey is difficult. We know that to make a permanent change we have to be real, open and honest. Lord knows, stress is a big trigger for us too! Sending you giant hugs and know we are cheering you on!

  7. Liz Bonin says:

    Ladies, y’all are super brave for sharing your journey. Keep up the good fight. Even those of us that LOVE exercise fall off the wagon and have days were we make bad choices. When you stumble, pick yourself up (not beat yourself up) and move forward. Hugs to you both. Liz❤️

    1. Thanks Liz – We wish that we LOVED exercise but we aren’t there yet! We are both back on track now and moving more. We are proud of the fact that we didn’t allow our stumbling blocks make us quit. We can’t thank you enough for your encouragement and support!

  8. Hey Ladies, your post surprised me today. I’m new to your blog & you just gave me more motivation to get off the sofa 😉 I think I was a ground hog in another life, eating like crazy & going to sleep when the sun goes down, I’m getting ready for hibernation, but I don’t stop the eating just more sleeping, thanks for sharing & motivating me 😉

    1. Hi Kim – We are so glad that you are a new follower! You are hysterical and a kindred spirit to us! We can totally relate to the seasonal hibernation. We LOVE this time of year – being warm and cozy, comfort food and lots of Pumpkin Spice Lattes. We are so glad to spark some motivation and would for you to follow us on our journey!

  9. You ladies are so real, and we all appreciate that! I had a bad month also, and am actually happy that I stayed the same, no loss, no gain. We can do better!

    1. Hi Kimm – Like we said…we are nothing but honest in this journey. Congrats on no weight gain! YAY! Excited to see how your next month goes! Keep up the good work!

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