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Thrift Store Planters – Thrifty Style Team

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Avoid expensive indoor garden containers by using thrift store planters.

Yesterday, we shared our best spring container garden tips and ideas for beginners. Today, our focus is turned indoors using thrift store planters.

Welcome to this month’s installment of our Thrifty Style Team.This is the place where we get together with our talented and creative blogger friends every month. We each makeover, repurpose or transform something from our homes or thrift stores. Let’s get started!

Easy Peasy

A couple of years ago we shared our thoughts on the easiest plants to grow indoors. Hands-down winner for us is pothos ivy. This pretty green plant is hardy, grows in soil or water and is practically impossible to kill. Trust us, we know! All of the plants in our thrift store planters were started from this plant. Over time, we just clip off a few leaves and stick them in a mason jar of water. When the roots sprout, we transplant the leaves into a planter.

Shopping the thrifts stores, we are always on the hunt for blue and white items. This little cutie cost a whopping .50¢.

It makes for a perfect planter filled with water and some pothos ivy leaves. Even the pretty pagoda is from the thrift store.

This gorgeous planter was a gift from my friend Linda. 

I separated the large plant and transplanted part of it into this planter.

Serendipity shined down upon us with this adorable “dig” planter. You see, I had purchased the exact planter at HomeGoods awhile back.

Once I arrived home, I opened the liftgate of my SUV and the planter rolled out and onto the ground. It shattered without ever being taken out of the shopping bag.

On my last thrift store shopping outing before current stand in place requirements, I found an exact replacement. The saucer is a thrifted find as well.

We know that shopping thrift stores currently is not advisable. You can shop your own home or garage for planter ideas. You might surprise yourself with what you find.

  • teacups or mugs
  • bowls
  • cans – remove labels and paint or decoupage
  • mason jars – you can paint them like THIS

Let us know what you use as an indoor planter.

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Now let’s see what our talented team members have created this month!



  1. Some of my absolute favorite planters are from thrifting, too. And I LOVE your pagoda…what a find! I think thrifting is one thing I miss the most during this time. Wishing you all wellness. xoxo

  2. I LOVE that cute “Dig” planter! Such simple and fun ideas for houseplants, ladies!

  3. You guys have found some great planters at the thrift store. Weren’t you lucky as can be to find the dig planter that you had previously broken? Pothos is a great houseplant. I love a plant that is easy to propogate and can withstand forgetting to water as needed.

  4. I just bought 3 new houseplants and these are such great ideas for me to use. Thanks for sharing your thrifted finds. They are some of my faves.

  5. So many pretty planters. I think the DIG one is my favorite! I hope you and yours are staying safe and healthy. xo, mb

  6. Such beautiful treasures from the thrift store! I I have a bunch of pothos trimmings I’m rooting that I can do this with. I can’t wait until the thrift stores open again!!! So happy to be part of this super-fun hop with you!

  7. I LOVE your blues & greens, Vicki & Jenn! And I totally agree this is my favorite house plant, too. You have reminded me though that it does well in water. I need to snip off a vine and do that. And I DIG the “DIG” pot ;)!

  8. I love all of your thrift store finds. You had me at blue and white! I have to admit I am in love with the DIG Rae Dunn planter you found, it’s so cute!

  9. You guys always have the best collection of blue and white pieces! They’re all gorgeous and look so good with your lakehouse decor. Hugs, CoCo

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