10 Ways to Spring Clean Like a Pro

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Before we talk about 10 Ways to Spring Clean Like a Pro

I can’t thank you enough for all of your sweet words and well-wishes for our family. We deeply miss our Perfect Boy and your kindness means the world to us. I have wanted to keep busy and decided that now was a good time to get a jump on my Spring cleaning. I created my to-do-list and couldn’t wait to get started. 10 Ways to Spring Clean Like a Pro!

I’ve never been one to be excited to clean, but I definitely love when my home is sparkling clean and fresh. I also broke my list down to 10 ways to Spring clean like a pro. And my “pro” I mean the way my mother taught me 🙂 There is no need to do all of this at one time. I can work at my own pace and as I have the time

1. Open All Blinds and Windows

This is how I like to start. Our home has been all closed up since the cold temperatures arrived to town. By opening all of the blinds and windows my home instantly felt more sunny and fresh.


2. Curtain Call

While you’re opening all of the windows it is also a good time to clean your curtains. It is unbelievable how much dust builds up into and on the fabric. Either dry clean or launder your drapes per fabric care directions.


3. Travel Downward

Spring clean from the ceiling down to the floor. Clean all of the crown moulding and even your walls. I know it sounds gross but the walls are dusty too.


4. Flip It, Flip It Good

I’m talking about your mattress. To keep it’s shape and to maintain a healthy mattress it should be flipped every three months, including the direction it faces. Before flipping be sure to vacuum the entire surface and sides. Once you flip the mattress, repeat the vacuuming process.


5. Linen Refresh

Check all of your linens and bedding. It might be time to buy some new sheets. At this time of year I like to bring in lighter bedding and add a bit of color with pillows. It might be surprising how this small change makes such a big decor impact.


6. Purge

UGH…This is my least favorite, so it definitely needs to be a priority. I’m a big fan and have a bad habit of shoving stuff into drawers. I am working room-by-room, drawer-by-drawer. It may take a couple of weeks but I’m so thrilled with how the clean drawers look that I can’t wait to complete this task.


7. Let There Be Light

Clean lampshades by lightly wiping and/or vacuuming the inside and outside. Thoroughly clean the lightbulb, lamp base and cord. You will be so surprised by how much brighter your rooms will be.

Hanging light fixtures need to be cleaned as well.


8. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Basically anything that is hanging on the wall needs to be wiped down and cleaned. Mirrors, artwork, photographs and collectibles collect tons of dust, especially on the top.


9. Color me Green

I love to have plants inside the house, especially in rooms that we live in the most. I make sure that they are easy to care for and are of a hardy variety. Plants are an instant pick-me-up in a room and they help purify the air.


10. Underfoot

Flooring is probably the most used and biggest dirt collector in your home. Spring is the time to shampoo rugs and carpets. Does the rug pad need to be changed? If you have word flooring or another hard surface it’s time to really clean the baseboards and get into the corners. Don’t forget areas like under the beds, sofas, chairs and tables.


I hope my cleaning list helps you get your home glistening clean. Maybe we can compare progress reports as we go along. Tomorrow I will be tackling the drawers in the master bedroom…wish me luck!

Until tomorrow,


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10 Ways to Spring Clean Like a Pro



  1. Thanks so much for pulling this list together ladies. My house says picked up but this is a great reminder of those places we pass everyday that really need to be deep cleaned. Hugs, CoCo

  2. You always make it look so easy.

  3. Where did you find the lovely “Joy” spring bedding?

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