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Navy and White Bathroom Makeover – One Room Challenge Week 1

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We are back for our third round of the One Room Challenge™. This time we will be showcasing our navy and white bathroom makeover.

If you found us from the ORC, welcome! We are Vicki and Jenn – a mother/daughter blogging team that loves everything to do with home decor, DIY and getting the look for less. You can visit our past ORC projects Master Closet Makeover and She Sed Reveal to get an idea of what we love to create. This time around we are working at Vicki’s house and creating a navy and white bathroom makeover.

If you are not familiar with the One Room Challenge™ let us remind you. Within the next five weeks we will completely makeover one room from top to bottom. Every Thursday we will give you a progress report and let you know how we are doing. You will not only get to see our progress updates, but of lots of other designers as well! On May 10th we will all have the big reveal of our magnificently completed spaces. The featured designers post on Wednesdays and design bloggers like us will post on Thursdays.

Here’s The Dream

Isn’t this all beautiful? The dream is way better than reality. Plus, can we just say that it is very difficult to photograph a bathroom with zero windows and no direct light whatsoever. Obviously we need to figure this out as soon as possible! Just forgive us for what these photos look like and we will definitely work on getting better pics!

This bathroom hasn’t been decorated for 11 years. Originally this was a vacation home for 9 years before becoming a full-time residence. The above wall is getting a beautiful wallpaper treatment.

Now it is officially time to really change things up. The funky drooping light fixture has got to go. As you can see on the mood board we hope to replace it with a pretty brass fixture.

The vanity will be painted in navy blue and all of the hardware will be replaced with champagne bronze.

Meanwhile this pale yellow wall paint will be eliminated with a bright white satin finish. A new shower curtain is in the works too – but no final decisions have been made yet.

Now, here’s the really scary part. All of the floor and shower tile is going to be painted. Hopefully when it is finished it will look like marble! Please pray, light candles, cross your fingers or whatever it is you do for good luck – because this idea has got to work!

Now, look at this big wall and the tiny grouping of art. It looks like they have been held hostage or something LOL. Not sure yet what this will be replaced with.

Following is our big list that we will update each week.  Hopefully by next Thursday those tiled floors and shower walls will look like marble EEK! And that this wallpaper arrives in time!

To Do List

  1. take down wall mirror
  2. take down old light fixture
  3. paint walls
  4. add ceiling paint
  5. paint vanity
  6. change out vanity hardware
  7. new vanity countertop
  8. change out vanity faucet
  9. paint floor tiles
  10. paint shower tiles
  11. add glass subway tile feature wall above vanity
  12. wallpaper feature wall
  13. new light fixture

There you have it – our big plans to carry us through for our navy and white bathroom makeover. We would love for you to follow our progress each Thursday and cheer us on! You can actually go to this One Room Challenge ™, Spring 2018, Week 1 page to follow everyones rooms!




  1. That wallpaper is amazing! This room is going to be so good!

  2. Oh my word! You know I love this!!! That wallpaper! Can’t wait to watch it all come together. And fingers crossed on the tile project!

  3. Oh my gosh – that wallpaper!!! Good luck with painting the tile – I’m curious as to how you’ll do that – hope you’ll share the steps 🙂

  4. Sherhonda says:

    Your projects have inspired me to try my hand at sloooowly updating my home, which hasn’t been updated in 12 years and just looks tired. But I’m so intimidated. I thought I would start small, and my hall bathroom is even smaller than the one in your photos! I want to take out the fiberglass tub/shower and replace with a tiled shower, and replace the pedestal sink with a vanity to get more storage in there. At the end of the hallway leading to the bathroom, I’d like to add an accent wall of painted shiplap. Thanks for your inspiration – I’ll come back to your blog and website over and over to keep my courage up! Your decorating ideas are lovely!

  5. Cool project. Nice work on the photography in a bathroom without any windows!

  6. Can’t wait to see the transformation! Love the blue and white you’ve chosen.

  7. That wallpaper! Oh my goodness it’s gorgeous! I’m really curious to see your process of painting the tile too. I’ve been considering it for a small bathroom in our home too. Good luck!

  8. So glad you ladies a doing a bathroom makeover too! Love your mood board! The gold fixtures are so pretty and that wall paper is going to look amazing!

  9. Oh, I can’t wait to see how your tile comes out! Love the vision ladies!

  10. I am totally excited for this makeover ladies! Wow, that wallpaper is stunning! If anyone can nail this project I know it’s going to be you guys. Super excited to see the marble painted tiles. I know it’s going to be beyond amazing. I’m rooting for you guys! Hugs, CoCo

  11. I love your mood board and the blue and white, so classic and clean!! I can’t wait to watch the progress, especially that painted floor!!

  12. I can’t wait to follow along! I recently just redid a small bathroom with zero light and I was so nervous to photograph for the final reveal! You’ll do great! Love the wallpaper and love the Aspect Tiles! I used those in my bathroom too!

  13. I absolutely LOVE your plans for this space!! The wallpaper you picked out is gorgeous. Good luck with the painting of your tile – you’re going to make it look amazing!!

  14. Yay! Bathroom makeovers are one of my favourite! Let me know if you need any tile tips! lol. Can’t wait to see it all 🙂

  15. That wallpaper is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see it all come together!

  16. That vanity has great bones & it’s going to look amazing painted blue. And that wallpaper, WOW such a showstopper! Can’t wait to see everything come together.

  17. Oh my GOSH, that wallpaper is amazing! I’m so excited to see you bring this project to life. It’s going to be gorgeous!! Go Jenn and Vicki!

  18. This is so exciting, I love the mood board, I can’t wait to see it come to life. I’m with you on the photography too…except I have no excuse and plenty of light!

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