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Living Room Refresh – Farmhouse Style

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Excited to share my living room refresh – farmhouse style with y’all today!

You know when you’re out shopping and not looking for anything in particular? But then something catches your eye and it’s on sale, so you have to buy it? It happens to us more than we care to admit haha. This time around though, it was a little bit of a larger purchase than we anticipated. We found this amazing farmhouse inspired print at Kirkland’s and it was an amazing deal. I knew I could find a space for it in the house. How could I pass on adorable farmhouse cows?

Style Dilemma

My style is definitely eclectic. I love boho chic, classic, farmhouse, mid century, etc. I remember I used to get frustrated with myself that I didn’t have just one style. But then I realized I should embrace everything I love. It’s totally okay to have more than one design style you want to incorporate into your home.

After looking around the house, I decided the print would look great in the living room. I could pull it off with the boho farmhouse vibe I already have going on in there. The little corner by the fireplace got a little makeover and I love how it turned out!

Living Room Refresh farmhouse decor

farmhouse style decor

Don’t y’all just love this painting? The space was fine before, but to me this is so much warmer. The table was a purchase from our home away from home, HomeGoods. The great thing about it, is that it can expand! This will come in handy for extra dining seating if needed. 

I also have a record collection and this is the perfect home for my records and player. They can be part of the decoration too, right? 

living room farmhouse decor

living room refresh

Y’all know we love all things moss, so these moss balls I had in my stash were the perfect addition to my farmhouse style refresh. This vintage wooden crate has also been passed around between our homes plenty of times. Not sure mom is getting this one back. 

Living room farmhouse moss balls

farmhouse style - living room refresh

We love mixing different textures from the moss to wood to metal to books. You may not get it quite right the first time, but just keeping moving things around until you achieve the look you love. 

farmhouse style for living room refresh

decorating farmhouse style

farmhouse refresh and style for living room

I love this little corner in our living room now and it just adds warmth to the space. I don’t 100% subscribe to farmhouse style, but this painting was too sweet to pass up. It’s also nice to do a little refresh once in a while and change the decor up. 

farmhouse decor

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  1. Love this so much Jenn! It’s great the way you’ve mixed different styles and created a beautiful and functional solution in the process. Great job! Hugs, CoCo

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