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Jenn’s New House – Not the Tour You Were Expecting

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You know when you have grandiose plans that are all supposed to work out? And these said plans should of course be done within 48 hours?  Well that’s what was supposed to happen with my new house.

I know you all were expecting to see some photographs of the interior of my new home, but come on in…let me tell you a story

1901 Victorian Charmer in historic Grant Park Atlanta, GA

We closed on our house last Friday and were so excited!  Movers were supposed to arrive at 3:30 PM to unload the moving truck, a shed and two vehicles. Then we were going to get started with unpacking the house and try to get most of it done by that night.  Well the movers didn’t show up until 8:30 PM due to difficulties on another job. They were great guys whom we highly recommend and hard workers. They got it done, but by the time they were finished with getting everything into the house, it was late and time for bed. Our first night as homeowners in the new home was unfortunately spent not in our home, but at my parent’s house.

Here is a glimpse of just a few of the boxes we had. I definitely felt like we were hoarders.  No matter how much we purged before the move, it was amazing how much stuff we had accumulated over the years.

IMG_2996One of the issues we had when we moved in was that when the movers went to put the queen size bed upstairs for the guest room, it didn’t fit!  Talk about a slight panic moment. I told the movers to do what they had to do to at least get the mattress upstairs…I didn’t really care what they had to do, I just wanted it upstairs.  Thankfully they were able to shove it up the stairs, but unfortunately the box spring did not make it.

What was I to do?  I very well couldn’t have guests sleeping on the floor like I was back in college.  Then I remembered that a certain Swedish blue and yellow store had beds that didn’t require box springs. Hooray! I purchased the bed (boxes 1 & 2) and the slats and then got to work on it this week.  To my surprise however, this usually amazing furniture store, failed to mention that I also needed to purchase the most important part of the bed…the support for the middle.  That would have been helpful to know.  So until I can get back to the store, this project is on hold.

IMG_0030It’s so close! I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand when I can’t complete a project.


Now, this part of the move has probably been the most frustrating and the one moment in this entire process where I may have had a slight meltdown.

As we all know, water is so important. I was organized and knew that we had to send the water company a settlement statement copy, as well as an application.  So I scheduled this ahead of time and thought nothing of it.  Well the other morning I woke up and there was no running water.  I called the city and they informed me that my water will be turned on tomorrow.  I mean I live in a pretty big city and with the way this system works, you would think we were living on Little House on the Prairie.

I was completely shocked and baffled. Most of those who know me, know that I am pretty calm in these situations and I typically use the phrase “It it what it is.” Well this day was not one of those days and I definitely used my shrieking Chihuahua voice with the City.

It sadly got me nowhere…bathing is highly overrated anyways haha! On a serious note though, I did realize how incredibly fortunate we are to have running water and I know that I take this privilege for granted.

Here is how we had to get somewhat creative with flushing our toilets lol…

IMG_0024We also can’t install our beautiful new washer & dryer until we have running water…I cannot wait to use these!

IMG_0020But…look at how pretty my new house is (if I do say so myself).  It is a 1901 Victorian home with tons of character. It is in a Historic district and an active community. We can walk to restaurants and bars and the local farmers market on Sundays, which I am so excited about! I can’t wait to show you more of this amazing home…next week I promise.

1901 Victorian Charmer in historic Grant Park Atlanta, GA

1901 Victorian Charmer in historic Grant Park Atlanta, GAI love this wrought iron gate…

1901 Victorian Charmer in historic Grant Park Atlanta, GAI am also slightly in love with this brick sidewalk…it just adds so much more charm!

1901 Victorian Charmer in historic Grant Park Atlanta, GAI’m sorry I couldn’t show you more of my home today, but I definitely had all intentions of doing so. I’ll be able to show more and more with you each week and I can’t wait to share it with you!

XO – Jenn


  1. I’m so sorry for all the road bumps but that house is gorgeous and is going to be so worth the wait! Your community sounds so quaint. Walk to the restaurants and farmers market? Awesome! Can’t wait to see more!! Congratulations!

  2. Jenn,
    What a great post! Moving is so trying and exhausting but so worth it in the end! Your story made me smile at memories of my own moves.
    Your new home is wonderful (I really miss living in a historical city area and am pretty jealous!) and I hope y’all have many happy years together in that house.
    I can’t wait to see how you decorate 🙂

  3. Hi Jenn, I loved what you share about your home and like Karen said could totally relate too. Moving is a B____…lol. So as long as you found your bed tooth brush n Jaime clean clothes I think you’re doing great. Oh until the water problem… Lol. When weived into our home we gave the same problem w lexi’s bed n could’nt get the box springs upstairs or an armoire. We never thought about measuring the small staircase. We tried through a window to no avail. We ended up getting wood for her bed frame n reworked it and I still need a new dresser… Lol. Baby steps …. N your home is gorgeous n can’t wait to see the rest! Lisa

  4. Jenn this house is so gorgeous! I can’t believe you’ve had so much to go through. i wish I lived closer I would come and help you in a heartbeat. Keep your chin up baby cakes this house is going to be a showstopper! Coco

  5. Your house is gorgeous Jenn! I’m so excited for you guys, despite all the setbacks. Can’t wait til you get everything settled and show us some pics of the inside. I’m jealous that you live in an area where you can walk to restaurants and markets!

  6. Beautiful home…so proud of you!

  7. Your new house is beautiful!
    I like the trim, I love the gate, the stones, the porch, the amazing details at the columns and the design around the attic vents.
    It’s stunning!

    Such a beautifully done exterior!

    Confess: how many times you drove by just to stare at it before you bought it?
    I would be there every day. 🙂

    1. The stones = the bricks.
      I got too excited, I even missed the hanging porch swing. Oh My Goodness! 😀

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