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Ikea Rast Hack

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Hey y’all…we are so excited with today’s project we just couldn’t wait a second longer to share it with you!

We were selected to participate in this month’s Ikea Rast Hack Challenge, sponsored by Hickory Hardware and PPG Voice of Color They provided us with this three drawer Rast dresser  and we could do anything to it that we wanted! Pretty cool, right? Needless to say our imaginations went wild!

This is the IKEA rast dresser once we put it together. It is definitely bare bones, so your imagination can run wild with what you create.

After we put the dresser together, our design plan quickly came together.

This is a close up of the dresser. Again, it is bare bones and one of IKEA's most popular pieces to redesign.

This dresser was fairly easy to put together, especially with a little assistance. Once all set up we were ready to get to work.

First, we chose our PPG paint color, Knight’s Armor. It is a gorgeous dark gray color and we loved the name 🙂

We love gray and had the difficult task of choosing the color we wanted to with through PPG. We opted for Knight's Armor to paint the dresser.

After speaking with the PPG paint professional we decided to use interior flat latex. There was no need to prime the dresser with this Hi-Hide coverage.

Since we were painting a piece of untreated wood, we went with an interior flat latex paint. And the people at PPG were so helpful.

Here’s where our fun really begins. Y’all know how much we love vintage design and style. We purchased this vintage rotary telephone dial poster for 50% off at Hobby Lobby.

We wanted our hack to really be a wow and when we saw this print, we knew we had to incorporate it. The rotary phone is so vintage and so us.

First, we trimmed the edges on all four sides…

Measuring the front of the dresser and then cutting the print was a little unnerving. The cuts for the drawers had to be precise.

Afterwards, we laid the dresser on its back.  We “painted” the drawer fronts with Mod Podge®. It’s a creamy-white thick glue that dries clear and we fortunately already had some in our stash.

After painting the drawer fronts with Mod Podge, we laid the print down. In our opinion, it looked awesome!

After the Mod Podge was on, we laid the poster on top of the drawer fronts and smoothed out the paper so that there were not any bubbles. We waited for the Mod Podge® to dry completely – about 30 minutes. We then used a sharp Exacto knife and a yard stick and cut the paper at each drawer opening.

We wanted to add a bit of height to our dresser and found these legs at Lowe’s for $1.44 each. We painted them in Knights Armor to match the IKEA Rast dresser.

We knew the dresser needed some additional elements. We painted these chair legs the same color as the dresser to give it some height.

After they dried, we drilled tiny holes to add these gorgeous bronze castors from Hickory Hardware. You can find them here…Brown Windsor Antique Castor.

These vintage castors were exactly what this IKEA hack needed. They are from Hickory Hardware.

Isn’t she gorgeous? We are so thrilled with how it looks!

This DIY project turned out to so great. We love our IKEA Rast Hack.

Please wait for the dial tone. This vintage rotary print from Hobby Lobby was the best find.

Remember this “hello…it’s me” sign we shared with you last week?

We used extra Knight's Armor paint to create a custom sign for the dresser. Hello It's Me.

We are crazy for this authentic vintage phone too! We’re so happy to finally have a place to showcase it.

When shopping at an antique store, we found this rotary phone. It is a great vintage addition to the Hack.

Since the numbers on the rotary phone print are red, we wanted to incorporate this color. We also almost always use books in our decor.

We chose these gorgeous drawer pulls, also from Hickory Hardware. Tranquility White with Bronze Trim.

These antique brass and milk glass knobs from Hickory Hardware are beautiful. They are perfect for the dresser makeover.

Incorporating red brought everything to life. And of course we had to incorporate something sweet.


Using paint, hardware, and a poster, we were able to create a unique IKEA Rast Hack. Such a fun DIY project.



Our dresser has the best spot at the bottom of the stairs. It nestles in perfectly between the wall and stairs. We are very proud of what we created and hope that you like it too!

XO~Vicki and Jenn


      1. I know it’s been awhile, but would you please tell me where you got that great poster?!? This may be the cutest DIY project I have ever seen!!!

        1. Hey BJ –
          We got the poster at Hobby Lobby. We don’t know if they still carry it or not, but hopefully they can help you with a resource! Good luck!
          Vicki and Jenn
          2 Bees in a Pod

          1. They have it back in stock at hobby lobby.com! I just got mine and my ikea Rast and am copying this exact project for my home office. 😃 thanks!

          2. They still have it. Hobby lobby always hCe their posters half price. Of course, their stuff is overpriced anyway, huh?this one is $12.97, I just looked at it tonight. They don’t offer free shipping on their posters at all, and so it’s something like $19 with shipping period $18.97 to be exact.lol this happens to be one of their 24 inch by 24 inch posters most of them are 24 by 36 which is a lot better for most dressers. They have one that’s 24 x 24 that is cotton bolls. It’s gorgeous! Then there’s a larger one that is sepia with white roses. I think I may do a dresser that I have in that one. I have an oak Staind Serpentine Highboy that I just don’t like. I like the shape I just don’t like the mirror on the back or the Finish.

          3. Hi- It’s a shame that they don’t offer free or reduced shipping – especially for a poster. Your dresser sounds like a wonderful project! We would love to see it when you have it complete! Best of luck!

            Vicki and Jenn ~ 2 Bees

  1. Holy cow! I am so in love with this! I think yours is the best IKEA Rast hack I’ve seen; I might even like it more than mine! ;). Pinning and sharing, and I can’t wait to do so! Have a great week Vicki and Jenn!!

    1. Girl…you are making us blush!This was definitely super-fun for us to do together and one of our favorite projects! Thanks so very much sweet friend!

  2. Sherry Fram says:

    Love this piece! Great color & I love the phone dial poster you attached to the drawers! Looks awesome!

    1. Hey Sherry – we can’t thank you enough! The Knight’s Armor is a gorgeous, rich gray and we love the vintage phone dial! We appreciate you following along!

  3. The transformation is incredible. You should be very proud!

  4. Liz Bonin says:

    This is absolutely the cutest thing I have ever seen!! I wish I had a dresser to refinish because I would do this in one second! Love love love it! Great job ladies! xxLiz

  5. Linda Cusack says:

    Wow! You two nailed it! Sooo creative! Love the color and the addition of the legs and castors is pure genius. Love the castors for sure. Be proud ladies!

  6. Great job!!! By far the very best Ikea hack I have ever seen….if this is a contest I am sure yours will be the best.

    1. Hi Donna – this is such a wonderful compliment! There will be voting very soon, so we will keep you posted!

  7. I f this was mine I might set a fat old telephone directory and a scratchpad and pencil on the chest instead of the books. Finding the phone book will be the hardest task. This is really ingenious. Who gets possession? Jere

    1. Jere – we like the way you think! Those are fantastic ideas! This dresser traveled back and forth between our houses as we each worked on it. For now, it is in Jenn’s house at the bottom of her stairs…and it looks great there LOL

    1. Hi David! Thank you so very much! Headed to your blog now 🙂 to see your vintage camera dresser project.

  8. Oh, this is so creative and fun! I feel like I’m only using half of my creative brain when I see the ingenious things you both both come up with. Love the color choice, too!

    1. Hey Bambi – this was such a fun project! I think it was so much fun because we got to work on it together. It looks so great at the bottom of Jennifer’s stairs too!

  9. Beautiful and so creative! Love the Adelle touch! That’s my girl!

  10. I’m in love with this dresser!!!! So amazingly cool!!!! Wowza!!! Nice job!! 🙂

  11. Say waaaaa! For real this is one of my most favorite hacks ever! Love love love the way it turned out. Super cool! Hugs, CoCo

  12. I NEED to know where you got that poster and also the painting of the vintage phone?

  13. I am also wondering where you got the painting of the phone above the dresser. Wow! I”m in love with this!!!

  14. WOW! This is one of my favorite furniture makeovers of all time! I love the creativity and the simplicity too. It is amazing. Good thing I don’t know where you live…because you might have a missing dresser 😀

  15. I absolutely adore this! I have a vintage Bakelight phone that needs to be displayed on this.

  16. This is so super cute!! Totally love it. Discovered your blog through the DIY like a boss party and I am totally in love with it! Will be following it!

  17. Love this so much. Did you use poly to seal this?

  18. Emily Mugridge says:

    Love this telephone dial chest and I would love to make one , but I am having trouble finding the dial, do you remember if there was a signature on the art as to who drew it? that might help.

  19. Hi Girls, Just wanted to let you know that you are featured as one of my favorites at Inspire Me Monday link party this week. Thanks for sharing your awesome Ikea Rast Hack. Hope to see you there this week as well. xoxo

  20. Jennifer and Vicki, this is amazing!!! I absolutely love it! Thank you so much for sharing at Best of the Weekend – pinning and sharing this week! Have a great evening and a wonderful week!

  21. Your Ikea dresser is pretty amazing. Good luck with your contest! Looks like a winner to me. Thanks for sharing, Cynthia

  22. This was absolutely amazing! I am totally in love and featuring it this week on our blog.


  23. WOW, I can’t even think of the words to describe this project. It is outstanding! What an wonderful piece of vintage history you have created. It is amazing and I was sure to vote for you. Love that you added the higher legs. Can’t say enough!!Good Luck..Judy

  24. WOW! I never would have thought to Modge Podge a poster to the front of a dresser. So cool. And those caster… be still my heart. I want to add them to everything 🙂

  25. Joanne Sockriter Belli says:

    Loved it It got my vote! Makes me want to go find a vintage phone just for an excuse to make one!

  26. Hi ladies! I absolutely love your Rast hack and I was wondering if I could feature it on DIY Furniture Makeovers – one before photo, one after photo, brief description, and link back. Let me know if that’s alright. Thanks! 🙂

  27. Oh my gosh, I just came from your feature at the DIY Furniture Girls site, and am swooning over the makeover you gave that Rast! LOVE LOVE LOVE👏🏻👍🏻😍

  28. MaryEllen says:

    I agree with all the previous comments! This hack is creative, ingenious, adorable, fantastic! And that means both of you are, too. Thanks for sharing this great idea. I’d vote if the voting wasn’t over.

  29. Did you mod podge or seal the poster after you put it on the front?

    1. Hi Kathy – no, we did not mod podge or seal the front. We personally feel that the poster adhered well on one side and we didn’t want any sheen or bubbles on the drawer fronts. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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