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Homemade Rice Heating Pad with Lavender – Great Gift

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A homemade rice heating pad with lavender is a great gift for family, friends and hostess’ alike.

You know how much we love handmade gifts and most things lavender. We decided to marry the two to create a homemade rice heating pad with lavender – great gift! Mind you, this isn’t just an average heating pad. Ours has super cute wording on them. Let’s get started.

We love heating pads for a variety of reasons. Warmth, soothe sore muscles, ease cramps and more. With the addition of lavender the heating pad provides calm, releases tension and is very relaxing.

Today, we are joining a group of design bloggers sharing their homes and ideas this holiday season. Our friend, Leen from Sand Dollar Lane, coordinated this tour, and you won’t be disappointed.

This is how we do it!

Supplies for each heating pad:

  • scrap fabric – we used drop cloth scraps
  • sewing machine
  • approximately 3-4 cups rice (depending on size of heating pad)
  • 1/2 cup dried lavender – *optional
  • essential oil – approximately 10 drops *optional

Keep in mind that you can use practically any fabric that you want. If you are making your heating pad with the graphics you need white or very light color fabric.

Easy to make

How to Make a Heating Pad:

  1. Cut fabric squares. We made various sizes…but most are 12 ½” x 12 ½” squares.
  2. Print wording graphics onto fabric transfer paper in mirror image (reverse print). (Our printable graphics are below)
  3. Trim the paper around the wording.
  4. Following package directions, iron-on the wording to the fabric.
  5. Let cool completely – about 2 minutes.
  6. Carefully peel away the paper backing.
  7. Sew the squares together on 3 sides. Use double stitching as a precaution.Make sure that the graphics are on the inside of your square.
  8. Turn the square right-side out.
  9. In a bowl mix together the rice, lavender and lavender oil.
  10. Fill the square halfway with the rice and lavender mixture.
  11. Sew the square closed.

Homemade Rice and Lavender Heating Pad Instructions:

Warm in the microwave in 60 second increments until the desired heat is reached. Be very careful to not overheat – avoid burning yourself. Place the heating pad on your tummy, neck, back, shoulders or any body part that needs some TLC. 

Now you have super-cute heating pads to giveaway as gifts. 

Following are our downloadable graphics. Simply click the link or the graphic:

Hot Stuff

Warm and Cozy

If you don’t want white fabric or graphics, use any fabric of your choosing. These fabric scraps of pretty teal are left over from the vanity bench makeover and DIY tray.

Also remember, you can make these in any size that you like. Wouldn’t miniatures make for great pocket hand-warmers?

Can’t sew? NO worries at all. Try adding the above mixture into store bought muslin bags like THESE


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  1. What a great gift idea! I am looking for something to give my SILs and this will be perfect! Thanks for the inspiration and I hope you have the happiest of holidays!

  2. What a great gift idea! I love lavender and I swear I was smelling it as I read your post. (I must have an active scent imagination. 🙂 ) Adding the wording to the heating pads makes this gift extra fun.

  3. These are just darling and thoughtful gifts. I bet they smell so wonderful when they are heated, too! And thanks for sharing your printables:)

  4. I absolutely love this idea! We could really use one of these around our home and the lavender smell is so calming.

  5. Super cute, smells good, AND feels good?! Win-win, ladies! Thanks so much for sharing the hand-maid heating pads. Pinned! So fun hopping with you!

  6. What a great tutorial. I love that you can make them any size (hand warmers is a great idea!).
    Thanks for sharing and joining us on this hop!

  7. I love these they are such a great gift idea.

    Pinned. 🙂


  8. These are so dreamy my friend. What an amazing gift idea!!

  9. This is such a great gift idea. My daughter made me one years ago and I love it. Your fabric and wording on them make them extra special. Thanks for sharing.

  10. These are so cute and what a great gift idea or stocking stuffer too. You guys always have projects that are practical and easy to make which I always appreciate. Love this fabulous idea so much! Hugs, CoCo

  11. I love this project! I would love to make some as gifts and one for myself too. The wording makes it extra special!

  12. Happy Hiller says:

    What a great gift idea! Totally love it!

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