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Lavender Dryer Sachets – Smells so Good

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Lavender Dryer Sachets – your laundry never smelled so good!

Whew, we made it to Friday friends! This has been a rough week for me…all because Mother Nature and the Weather God’s weren’t cooperating. It never seems to fail. Whenever I have a million projects that require bright sunshiny days it’s like my Law of Attraction is broken. This week I needed to paint two large pieces of furniture outdoors because they are too big to paint inside the house. Also, I needed to take a boat load of photos for the blog – and y’all know how important great photos are for our posts. This is impossible to accomplish without sunshine. Everyday I awoke with my usual happy disposition until I would notice how dark it was outside at 7:00 in the morning and I could hear the thunder rolling in the distance.

Each morning I felt like I was having to come up with a new plan, a new schedule and a new to-do list. Thankfully I have a wonderful friend that totally relates with what I am experiencing and she talked me through my caffeine-induced panic. She let me see that all of the items on my giant to-do list are still going to get accomplished, just in a different order than I had expected. Aren’t friends wonderful like that?

Soothing Lavender

This experience made me think about today’s post. Several weeks ago I shared a Soothing Lavender Sleep Spray with y’all. Lavender is known to be a natural sleep aid. I have had great results using this spray. I mist it above my pillow and sheets at night before I go to bed. The fragrant lavender is soft and not overpowering or pungent at all.  I’m always looking for natural ways for a better night’s sleep. I also made these lavender dryer sachets.


Organic Lavender Dryer Sachets. Bee Stamp, fresh lavender

These are thrown into the dryer with our sheets and my pajamas. And by pajamas, I mean nightshirts.  I don’t use them for any other laundry. Affilate links included for your convenience.

Lavender Dryer Sachet. Use tightly woven cotten fabric such as a dropcloth fabric.


  • Lavender – HERE or HERE.
  • Tightly woven cotton fabric. You don’t want the lavender to come out of the weave. I used drop cloth remnants that had been bleached and washed several times. How to Bleach a Drop Cloth.
  • Sewing machine with matching thread.
  • Bee Stamp – we used THIS one. THIS one is cute too.
  • Navy Blue Ink Pad – like THIS.
  • Alphabet Stamp Set – like THIS
  • Parchment paper or plastic to prevent bleed through from ink pad.

Organic Lavender Dryer Sachets. Dried organic lavedner is added to cotton bags for dryer sachets.

How to Make Lavender Dryer Sachets:

For each sachet…

  • Cut a piece of fabric approximately 10 inches long by 5 inches wide. Lay flat lengthwise.
  • Fold the bottom end to the top.
  • Sew the two sides together using ¼ inch seam allowance. Leave the top opening open.
  • Turn right side out.
  • Insert a piece of parchment paper inside the pouch.
  • Stamp your design.
  • Let air dry for 2 hours.
  • Use a very hot, dry iron (no steam) and set ink design.
  • **Mist with water to be sure your ink does not bleed. **I did a lot of research. Personally, I have had no issues with my ink or my design. Remeber these are being used with wet items in the dryer. You want to use care and caution especially if you are using with white garments**
  • Add lavender to the pouch being sure to leave room at the top.
  • Sew the top closed and sew around all four edges for a clean look.

Organic Lavender Dryer Sachet. Fill a cotten bag with organic lavender.


Organic Lavender Dryer Sachet.

Here you can see I left ample room at the top for sewing.

Organic Lavender Dryer Sachets. Fill cotton bags with loose dried organic lavender.

You know I can’t resist a cute bee!

Organic Lavender Dryer Sachets. Toss a sachet in the dryer.



The fresh lavender oil permeates the sheets and they smell fantastic.


I really am  sleeping better and I feel like it is because of the lavender spray and these lavender dryer sachets.

Organic Lavender Dryer Sachet. Fragrant Dryer Sachet

Now you might be asking…”What if I don’t sew?” I haven’t left you out. I did some research online and I found two great options for you HERE and HERE. Let me know what you think.

Organic Lavender Dryer Sachet. Organic lavender, essential oil.


  • When the dryer sachets are not in use, store them in air tight containers.
  • If you feel the lavender fragrance is fading, add 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil to a cotton boll with the sachets in the air tight container. Good as new!

How to make soothing lavender spray. Lavender essential oil is perfect for a sleeping mist.


Lavender Dryer Sachet. Hand stamped dryer sachet bags with bee and graphics


Lavender Dryer Sachets - Smells so Good



Lavender Dryer Sachets - Smells so Good

If you get a chance, please put in a good word with Mother Nature…I really do need some sunshine in my life 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Whaaaa…omg….I looooove these! Are they in my crate to be shipped to Florida? Seriously so cute! I just pinned and will share on Facebook tomorrow. I can’t wait to try these. I bet they smell amazing and they’re so pretty. Hugs, CoCo PS: Your friend sounds like a fabulous lady and super smart too 🙂

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