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Entry Table Decor

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Entry Table Decor

Hey friends! Did you think we fell off the face of the earth? It kind of felt that way to us too! Since we have had so much going on lately it became too challenging to keep up with everything. We knew it was time to surrender and wave our white flag.

The best news? My dad – Jenn’s grandpa finally came home from the hospital last week! After 2 ½ very long months we are so thrilled that he has transitioned to his own house. Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy will make frequent home visits but he is well on his way to independence. Thank you so very much for your well wishes, positivity and prayers!

As Jenn and I stated in our last post we have been feeling depleted in the creativity department. We spent a fabulous Mother’s day together which meant there was quite a bit of retail therapy involved. Jenn knew that I needed an adrenaline rush of Big City shopping and she was absolutely right! Look at this gorgeous painting that I found at HomeGoods…

Entry Table Refresh. Everett Foyer Table Decor.

Blue, glorious blue!

Beautiful blues always sing my name as well as the fabulous clearance price of…wait for it…$12.99!! I know, right? Such a lucky find – I couldn’t believe it was still on the shelf. When I returned home I removed the packaging from the art piece and propped it up on the entry table. I decided I liked how the painting looked, just casually leaning against the mirror and the wall. I removed all of the previous entry table decor and started over fresh.

Entry Table Decor. Full view of Everett Foyer table.

Not wanting to overcrowd the entry, I only brought out some favorite pieces.

Entry Table Decor. Everett Foyer table


Entry Table Decor. French tag on an apothecary jar. Everett foyer table.

Moss balls added to an apothecary jar with a French typography tag.

Entry Table Decor. Apothecary Jar with French clay tag. Everett Foyer table.

Small antique French sewing basket, antique blue inkwell, turkey feather, basket from HomeGoods. Y’all know how much I love my inkwells…and feathers 🙂

Entry Table Decor. Vintage French Basket. Everett Foyer Table.


Entry Table Decor. Vintage French Basket and antique blue inkwell.


Entry Table Decor. Antique blue inkwell with beautiful turkey feather. Everett foyer table.

This little concrete bird was a gift shop find last year.

Entry Table Decor. Concrete Bird.


Entry Table Decor. Everett Foyer table with blue decor accents.

Trays are a great way to collect and display favorite items. This tray was a thrifted find and given a makeover. You can read that post HERE.

Entry Table Decor. Tray with Moss and wicker.

Do y’all remember when I painted this acorn thingy last year? It was a funky blue/green color and just didn’t pair well with anything. I solved that problem by giving it a makeover too. Remember, if you don’t like something in your home in its current color – paint it! The power of paint is a beautiful thing!

Entry Table Decor. Moss and Wicker on a tray.

A couple of our readers have sent us some of the items that they have made over for their homes and we plan on sharing them with you very soon. We would love to see what you are up to!

Entry Table Decor. Everett Foyer table.

Thanks so very much for sticking with us everybody. We will see you back here on Friday!Vicki's Blog Signature


  1. Love love love your new finds and this fresh look for summer! It’s all gorgeous and totally you. So happy to hear that Grandpa Bee is on the mend. I know it’s been a long recovery period so this is exciting news. Hugs, CoCo

  2. It’s good to have you ladies back

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