2015 Word of the Year and a DIY Rustic Sign

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Hey there and Happy Monday- so glad you are here!

At the beginning of a New Year do you have any annual traditions or proclamations? Possibly creating a list of resolutions, writing out a to-do-list of things you personally want to accomplish or quite possibly mapping out a vacation or list fun places to visit.

This year Honey Bee and I created “Rememberlution Jars”.

Happy New Year and Rememberlutions Jars. Add quotes, Word of the Year, photos and moments. Throughout the year add positive and fun things to your jar like movie ticket stubs, concert tickets, date nights, etc. At the end of the year you can look back at all of the good things that happened during the year.What about a meaningful “Word of the Year”? Do you choose one each year? You know, a specific word that truly resonates with you and the direction you would like your life to go for the year. Maybe it’s a word that symbolizes something you would like to improve about yourself in 2015.

Well…I guess you have already figured out that my 2015 Word of the Year is “Leap”.

I love this quote by Joh Burroughs…

Leap, and the net will appear.

This word kept repeatedly showing up for me and I especially love that it’s a word of action. I am expecting this year to be my best yet – but for that to happen I need to make a lot of leaps. Here are just a few examples…

Leap out of my comfort zone…try new things, take chances

Leap into new ideas with an open mind

Leap out of negative situations and relationships

Leap into the unknown..don’t have everything figured out

Leap of faith…trust more

I like having reminders around me to keep on track for the year. My Rememberlutions Jar is one way. I am refreshing my home desk and work area. I decided to paint a rustic sign with my Word of the Year to keep close at hand. Not that I really need the coaxing, but it is a wonderful way for me to stay on track.

Here’s how I created my sign:

I started with the rustic wood leftover from old fencing and white paint…

2015 Word of the Year and a DIY Rustic SignStencils…

2015 Word of the Year and a DIY Rustic SignI put down the vinyl letters directly to the wood…

2015 Word of the Year and a DIY Rustic SignI then traced each letter with chalk pen…

2015 Word of the Year and a DIY Rustic Sign…I carefully removed the vinyl letters and painted inside the lines of the lettering.

2015 Word of the Year and a DIY Rustic Sign

2015 Word of the Year and a DIY Rustic SignI painted an arrow at the bottom.

2015 Word of the Year and a DIY Rustic SignAnd used a black Sharpie marker to outline each letter.

IMG_15842015 Word of the Year and a DIY Rustic SignTo make my signage look more rustic I lightly sanded each painted letter – removing just a bit of the paint.

2015 Word of the Year and a DIY Rustic SignI also added clear past wax.

2015 Word of the Year and a DIY Rustic SignI love how the signage with my Word of the Year turned out. Stay tuned to see how it looks in my revamped workspace!

2015 Word of the Year and a DIY Rustic SignDid you choose a word of the year? I would love it if you would leave us a comment with what your personal word choice is. We can encourage each other as the year progresses!



  1. I love your “leap” sign Vicki and I can’t wait to see your revamped office space. When I read your list it totally spoke to my heart. i need to work on a few of those things too. For this year, I chose “committed” it’s another action oriented word that has already helped to keep me on track 🙂

    1. Hey CoCo – I love your action oriented word of “committed”. I can see how such an important and strong word is helping you stay on track in the New Year! Good Luck and Best Wishes!

  2. Vicki, Happy Monday. I love your word Leap and the quotes along with your fabulous sign. I haven’t picked a word for the year and probably should. HMMM thinking cap is one. Looking forward to seeing your office too. Love it!! Have a great day xo Lisa

    1. Lisa – I have found that by choosing a Word of the Year it really starts my year off right – strong and focused. I suggest giving it a try – it’s never too late 🙂

  3. Simple word, simple sign, important message 🙂 Those 4 letter words can really pack a punch, eh? Wonderful word and mantra for 2015! The sign is adorable and just having the word visible everyday helps to make it so. Looking forward to seeing your work space too! Have a GREAT week Vicki! Bwg ~~~

    1. Thanks so much Bobbi – you are correct about my word selection…and it is already pushing me out to the skinny branches of the tree, ready to take a LEAP! I am on my way to an amazing 2015!

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