Get Organized: 8 Tools to Help

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Get Organized: 8 Tools to Help

With the new year always comes new resolutions. Some are similar to the year’s past and others are brand new. Getting organized is a resolution I typically have on my list each year. As much as I would love to say I have mastered organization, I am far from it. Of course on my resolutions list this year, “Get Organized” was number two. I’d like to think I am pretty organized at work, but when it comes to my home, organization ebbs and flows. Get Organized: 8 Tools to Help.

To help me with my task, I have found 8 tools that will definitely help me get organized, and will hopefully give you some great ideas as well.

Having a day planner obviously can help you get organized. From important meetings to doctor’s appointments to fun dates with friends, a day planner is instrumental in staying organized. We love the look of this one from Rifle Paper Co.


The front door area has always been a little bit of a hot mess because of the mail. I’m notorious for throwing the mail onto the entryway table. I’ve been working on throwing away what we don’t need immediately and keeping what we do in a basket. This is a great basket by Better Homes & Gardens.


Is all of your jewelry unorganized? I know mine is thrown together in my night stand drawer…not the best place for it. This earring and necklace display would be perfect to put in the closet. Plus you can actually see the pieces you have.


Sometimes getting rid of the clutter in your home can seem daunting and overwhelming. The Joy of Less can offer a helpful strategy to re-organize your life one step at a time.


Glass Jars are great for getting organized! You can use them in the kitchen to store items like popcorn packets, cereal, etc. You can use them in the bathroom to store things like cotton balls and bath salts. Glass jars are so versatile and can go really anywhere.


One place in my home that always seems to have clutter are the kitchen counters. From the coffee maker to the toaster to the knife holder, it just does not make for a clean space. Using a magnetic knife strip can help clear off some of that countertop clutter. You can either attach the strip to the backsplash or on the interior of a cabinet drawer.


My bathroom vanity is sooo unorganized and this is one area of my home that I really want to tackle. Underneath the bathroom sink in all honesty looks like someone showed up to my house unexpectedly and in a panic everything got shoved in this space. I’m not exaggerating! One thing to help with the overall clutter is a makeup organizer. You can leave it on the bathroom counter, but then it would be so easy to place it in a drawer or cabinet when company comes over.


I just got this meal planner by Skinnytaste and I am so excited about it! I love meal planning (when I’m on track), but I would write what I was making on a scrap piece of paper that would typically get thrown out. This way, I have everything in one place.


I am ready to start this New Year off right and am excited about working on getting and staying organized. Do y’all have any tools that help you with organization? We’d love to hear them!



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  1. These are all fabulous! I can’t wait to get that book and to try the cookbook too. The glass jars and baskets are staples. LOVE them both! Hugs, CoCo

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