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Easy Rosemary and Cranberry Centerpiece Candleholders

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Your holiday table will be beautiful with these easy rosemary and cranberry centerpiece candleholders.

When I shared my Classic Red and Green Christmas Tablescape I surprised by all of your wonderful comments and questions about the centerpieces. As promised, here is how I made these easy rosemary and cranberry centerpiece candleholders.


  • narrow glass bottles of varying sizes with bail lids
  • fresh cranberries- approximately 10 per bottle
  • springs of fresh rosemary – the number of clippings to match the number of bottles
  • fresh water
  • taper candles

First I gathered bottles with flip-top locking lids in varyings sizes. These are also called bail lid bottles. You can use leftover vinegar jars, mason jars, etc. The largest bottle that I used is actually from leftover lemonade. Just make sure that your bottles are very clean, inside and out.


Putting the Centerpieces Together

  1. Add approximately 10 fresh cranberries to each bottle.
  2. Next, add 1 nice sized sprig of fresh rosemary to each bottle.
  3. Fill each bottle with water, leaving 1½” of space at the top.
  4. Top with a taper candle of your choice.
  5. Change out water every few days. These will last for weeks.

For demonstration purposes, this was a leftover barbecue sauce bottle.

This is about 12 cranberries being that this bottle is a bit larger and wider at the bottom.

Fresh rosemary is so fragrant and smells so good at the Christmas table. I love cooking with it too.

Once fresh water is added to the bottle, the cranberries rise to the top. Remember to leave an 1½” space at the top for your taper candle.

That’s it!

These easy rosemary and cranberry candleholder centerpieces truly are this easy to make.

They look gorgeous on the dining room table and the colors change with the light of day. Changing out the water every few days is important, because your centerpieces can last for weeks.

Mine have been on the table for over 4 weeks and they still look very fresh and clean.

Thank you so much for asking for this tutorial. If there is anything you would like to know, just ask!

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