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Easy Flower Arrangements with Grocery Store Flowers

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Having fresh flowers in the house makes me happy.

Once the cold weather season arrives, I can no longer rely on cutting from my own hydrangea and gardenia bushes. Store bought flowers can get pretty pricey so I have had to learn how to creative. Living out in the country I only have two options, the florist or the grocery store. Well, as much as I would love to just dial up the florist every week and order myself a bouquet this is very expensive and not practical. I have learned how to make easy flower arrangements with grocery store flowers.

November’s theme for Back to Basics is Simple Flower Arrangements – and we have got you covered. Wait until you see what the group members have created this month!

Choose a color palette

This particular bouquet of flowers was $10.00. I thought it was very pretty and would work well for the season and with a Thanksgiving tablescape that I’m doing. Check back tomorrow to see that!

Choose a Vase

In my case, I chose 3 vintage milk vases.

Deconstruct your bouquet

Lay all of the stems out flat on paper on the countertop or other flat surface. Decide which flowers you like best.  Also arrange flowers tallest to shortest.

Remove all of the leaves

First of all, the leaves take up a lot of unnecessary space. Second of all, the leaves that fall below the water line decay almost immediately and your flowers won’t last as long.

Layer your Colors

Make sure you vary the colors in your flower arrangement for added interest. You also want to be sure that you have tall flowers in the center. Flowers should be seen all the way around the arrangement. It doesn’t have to be perfect by any means – you just don’t want a flat flower arrangement.

Cut the Stems

Group your chosen flowers together. Hold them up to the side of the vase and guesstimate (yes, it’s a word) how much of the stems you need to cut off. Carefully use scissors and cut the end of the stems off.

Secure your Flowers

  • Step 1. My preference is with a rubber band. It’s quick, easy and it comes with the flowers that I bought from the grocery store.
  • Step 2. This is my own little creation. I save a couple of plastic drink lids. I cut an X shape into the lid  top. The rubber-banded bouquet stems are pushed through the X. The stems rest inside the vase and the drink ring holds the bouquet in place. No need for tape, foam or rocks.

Fresh Water

Add fresh water every other day and your easy flower arrangement should last for at least a week if not longer!

Here you can see that I added more greenery for added interest.

Personally I like keeping height in the center of the flower arrangement. Look at all of this fabulous texture and color!




Vintage milk glass is a great item to collect. It’s fairly inexpensive and is readily available in most areas. Vases are especially inexpensive in my part of the world.

I just love how they turned out! They look fabulous in the dining room but would look beautiful in any room in the house. These could also be divided up and used in three separate rooms.

Aren’t you surprised at how easy flower arrangements with grocery store flowers are? With one bundle of flowers I was able to make three pretty arrangements for my Thanksgiving tablescape.

Don’t forget to Pin this to your favorite Pinterest Board!

My sincerest hope is that you are inspired to give easy flower arrangements a try in your own home. I am confident that you can do it! Now take a look at what the other fabulous Back to Basic design bloggers have created!


  1. Love this combination of flowers so much and you know I adore your milk glass collection too. I would have never though to use the plastic lid like that either – such a cool idea – I’ll definitely be using that tip. Can’t wait to see your table tomorrow. Hugs, CoCo

  2. So pretty! I always just stick the whole bunch in one vase. Ha! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Grocery store flowers have come such a long way! I love your tips and your arrangements! Beautiful as always!

  4. I absolutely love those three milk vases, this is beautiful!

  5. Your milk glass vases are beautiful. I love all the colors and the flower arrangements you created. What a lovely way to brighten up a room.

  6. Just gorgeous!!! The colorful flowers really pop against your beautiful milk glass. Thanks so much for organizing this hop and have a great rest of your week!!!

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