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DIY Scented Bee Soaps

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Hey y’all…Our friend Cat of Pocketful of Posies is celebrating a milestone birthday and she is throwing herself a virtual party! We never turn down a reason to party and we accepted her invitation! Jenn and I were put in charge of party favors and this is what we created…DIY scented bee soaps.

Timing couldn’t have been more perfect as we had just found this bee and hive mold at our local Goodwill. (This post contains affiliate links.) 

DIY Scented Bee Soaps

Even better was this .99 cent price tag! Woo Hoo! You can purchase your own mold here.

DIY Scented Bee Soaps

We have made soaps in the past and we think that goats milk soap is the best to start with. This package is from an online retailer, but you can find it in any large craft store. You can also purchase the Goats Milk Soap here.

DIY Scented Bee Soaps

The soap starter breaks apart very easily. We broke apart half of the 2-pound package and placed it in a plastic container. Each microwave is different.  For us – we placed the container in the microwave for 40 seconds, rotated it a quarter of a turn and microwaved it for another 40 seconds. We did this another two times and this was sufficient time for the mixture to melt.

A paint stick stirrer was perfect to stir the melted mixture.

DIY Scented Bee Soaps

We immediately added 15 drops of orange essential oil and stirred again. Orange fragrance just seems so fresh and clean. Remember – you can add your own preference of essential oil fragrance. Wouldn’t clove be fabulous for Fall? You can find essential oils here.

DIY Scented Bee Soaps

The melted mixture looks just like milk. You need to pour it quickly because it starts to set right away. Let the mold sit for 40 minutes until the soaps are completely cooled and firm.

DIY Scented Bee Soaps. Use a mold to make great soap patterns.

These popped out of the mold very easily. We were so happy with how they turned out. Look at how cute they are!

Easy DIY scented bee soaps.

These match our style and personality perfectly. Use a mold that resonates with you. there are so many different designs and styles!

DIY Scented Bee Soaps

Being that our soaps are party favor gifts they needed to be wrapped. This makes it easy for each guest to pick one up as they leave the party.

DIY scented bee soaps. Use bakers twine and homemade tags for gifting.

We personalized each gift box with a tag and our signature bee stamp. You can get your own similar bee stamp here.

Bee stamp to make DIY thank you tags. DIY bee soaps.

We are big fans of bakers twine in place of ribbon. It’s easy to tie boxes and comes in a variety of colors. You can purchase baker’s twine here.

DIY Scented Bee Soaps. Bakers twine for gifting.

We stamped each tag with a bee and added a note of thanks on the reverse side. You can find similar tags here.

DIY Scented Bee Soaps. Thank you tags with bees.

The tissue paper is in our signature colors of yellow, gray and white. The mini boxes came in a package of six and they are from the dollar store.

DIY Scented Bee Soaps

Each guest receives 2 handmade soaps to commemorate the day. Don’t you just love a party where you get to take home a gift?

DIY Scented Bee Soaps. Easy soap recipe.


DIY Scented Bee Soaps. Easy to make soap.

All wrapped up and ready to go!

DIY Scented Bee Soaps. Great DIY gift.

We want to wish Cat a sincere Happy Birthday! You can click the link below to see what everyone else brought to this fun and creative virtual party!

DIY Scented Bee Soaps

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XO~Vicki and Jenn

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How to make soap. Soap made from bee mold.


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    1. LOL – no worries at all. That darn “return” button is too easy to press. We love following along your blog, especially about your little one…she is precious!

  1. Y’all have made it look so easy and beautiful! I have to try this! Oh, and what luck finding that beehive mold at the thrift store! It was meant for y’all!

    1. Hey Iris – it really is this easy, we promise! We are pretty pleased with this bee project! Thanks so very much!

  2. These are fantastic! I am so jealous you got the mold for .99 cents. Score! I haven’t tried the goats milk soap but you have convinced me to go buy some. Pinned!

    1. Hi Kati – Thank you so much. We were definitely super pleased with this find. At the time we didn’t even know what we were going to use it for. So glad that when inspiration struck we had it in our stash!

  3. I want to make these for the holidays! Such a great DIY! Do you think I can find the mold at Micheals?


    1. Hey Maria – These soaps will make perfect gifts. I’m not familiar with what Michaels’s specifically has to offer, but most craft stores carry soap-making supplies. Good luck!

  4. These soaps are so gorgeous! I bet they smell amazing too. I swear you guys find the best deals. I’ve never even seen a mold like this much less one for .99 cents. I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait to make some of my own. Hugs, CoCo

    1. CoCo – Thanks so much! You are so right, the soaps smell heavenly. We’ve been a bit lucky with our small thrifted finds as of late…it pays to stalk the staff LOL.

  5. Your tag should read “I bee-lieve we all had a great time!” Lol. Love this project 🙂

    1. HaHa Lindi – you need to be our editor…Love that tagline! This was such a fun and easy project. We appreciate you so very much!

  6. These soaps are just the cutest! Finding that beehive mold was a major score. I’ve wanted to try making soaps for a good while now, and you’ve given me the nudge I needed. As always, your projects are so practical and doable! Bambi

    1. Hey Bambi – We cannot stress enough at how easy this project is. We were super fortunate to find that mold at the thrift store. You just never know what you’re going to find or when inspiration will strike!

  7. That bee soap mold is just the cutest thing ever! You were so lucky to have found it. I had no idea soap making was so simple. I might have to give it a try.

    1. Hello Jen – We definitely were lucky to find that bee mold. And we promise, the soap really is easy to make.

  8. Those soaps are so cute! How many would the 2-lb. package of soap starter make with that mold, do you think?

  9. I had to do a Pinterest double take since I make these same soaps and tags with that stamp! What a fabulous post about how to do make them! I’m pretty jealous that I didn’t score my mold at Goodwill. You gals are so adorable and I love your style!

  10. I am wondering how many little soaps you get out of one of the goat milk 2 lb. soaps.

  11. Those bee-shaped soaps look great, do you have an online store where they can be purchased?

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