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DIY Iron Transfer Canvas Tote Bags – Perfect Party Favor Bag

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DIY Iron Transfer Canvas Tote Bags – Perfect Party Favor Bag

This past weekend we took a trip together to Kure Beach, NC. We celebrated my in-laws 40th wedding anniversary. Food and cake were ordered. Beverages were on hand. Music playlist at the ready. I decided that this special day needed to be celebrated just a bit more. Thinking of what I like most about parties are the special touches and take-home gifts. In that moment I realized that we needed a perfect party favor bag for guests. Here is how I created these DIY iron transfer canvas tote bags.

Custom Bag

Forty years of marriage is an amazing accomplishment and worthy of a celebration. I wanted the party favor bags to be special and commemorative. What better way to accomplish this, than with a custom iron transfer? After counting up the number of party guests, I determined that a bag for each couple would be best.

Materials Needed:

Canvas Tote Bags – I used THESE bags. Such a great deal – 15 bags for just $19.99, making the cost for each bag approximately .75¢.

Iron-on Transfers – I used THESE Avery transfers for light fabrics. Again, a cost of .75¢ per bag.

It is important to note to explicitly follow the directions included with your packet of transfers. Each brand is different. Some of them you iron transfers anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes. One variety will have you pull off the transfer immediately while it is still hot. Another will instruct you to let the transfer cool for 2 minutes before removing.

What to put on the bag?

There are so many options for graphics and fonts online. There are free options of a couple of graphic sites that can make this job so much easier for you. I prefer PicMonkey or Canva when designing something like this.

Being that my in-laws live at the beach, I chose a graphic with that in mind. For these bags I chose an 8×10 graphic of a sailboat, on the ocean at sunset. Then I played around with different fonts until I found one that I really liked. 

Admittedly, some transfers turned out better than others. 

Overall, they looked great and guests loved them.

What’s in the Bag

How cute are these Hola Beaches cups? Two of them went into each bag.

Ocean Mist scented candles and Ocean & Sea Salt scented candles. Luckily, I found the candles at HomeGoods for a fantastic price!

Coconut Palm Tree shaped bottle opener.

Shells from our own collection. Or you could use THESE shells if you don’t have a collection.

LifeSavers in Wint-O-Green flavor. A handful of these went into each bag.

Two of my young nieces attended their grandparents party. Not wanting them to feel left out, I created these floral personalized bags for them.

These adorable notebooks were on clearance at HomeGoods for just $1.99 each. I also included pencil bags, stickers, scented markers and more.

Each couple was given a commemorative party favor bag when they left the party. My hope is that they use it at the beach, for groceries or whatever they want. More importantly I hope they remember the fun they had celebrating this special occasion. 

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  1. Those bags are just adorable! And all of those terrific goodies too! What a wonderful reminder of a momentous occasion. Bambi

  2. There were so many fun touches to make this event a special one you guys! I love how versatile these bags are and how easily they can be customized too. Hugs, CoCo

  3. I love these ideas, especially the Kure Beach NC iron ons My Grandma had a house at Atlantic Beach NC for many years I live in Northern Indiana now but a part of me will always be at the beach in NC

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