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Easter Bunny Treat Bags – Easy to Make

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These adorable Easter bunny treat bags are so easy to make!

Plus, they are really cute! Who can resist an adorable bunny, especially at Easter time? I know that my willpower diminishes when I see the fluffy variety or one that would be perfect for home decor. The other day I was looking for something in my gift wrap and party bin. I came across a stack of these pink and white gift bags that I had purchased at a dollar store. Immediately I knew that they would be perfect to make as Easter bunny treat bags.

Free-hand drawing isn’t my specialty, but I drew a rudimentary bunny outline. Using scissors, I cut out the shape along the outline only. Next I trimmed away the center set of bunny ears. Because the bag is folded, it created the extra set in the middle of the bag.

On the back-side of the bag I glued on a cotton ball. This becomes the fluffy tail.

You know the tune…here comes Peter Cottontail. LOL

Now the bag is ready to be filled. Green paper grass was added to each bunny.

Now c’mon – is this seriously cute or what?

We’re all ears

Candy treats were placed inside, but you can add whatever you want. Think about the person you are gifting this to. You may like to add stickers, gum, wrapped chocolates, a sentimental note, Easter eggs or my personal favorite – cash. LOL 😂

Because these bunnies are so cute, I think they would be perfect as place settings for the Easter table. Maybe stamp guests names on the bunny treat bags. 

So in a matter of just a few minutes I was able to create 10 Easter bunny treat bags. If you are hosting Easter dinner or looking for a cute alternative to an Easter basket, this is the project for you! Also, the package of 10 pink and white striped gift bags and the green paper grass were dollar store purchases. This makes this project very affordable. 

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  1. You guys are the Queens of quick and easy projects! Love, love, love this super cute idea and those cotton tails – gah – I can’t even! Shared on FB and I’m pinning right now! Hugs, CoCo

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