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Decorating with Vintage Suitcases

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Hey y’all…do you like to use vintage collections in your home decor? Me too! My decorating style always seems to be evolving, but the one constant has been using vintage finds and collections throughout our home. I classify my personal home decor style as “Vintage Traditional”. I sprinkle in some color, rustic wood, aged metal and antiques.

Today I want to share with you how I use my vintage suitcase collection in my house. I’ve curated these cases (and many more) over the past 15 years. I haven’t spent very much money at all on these. I got one entire set for only $10. Below, you will even see a large trunk that was picked up off the curbside!

Decorating with vintage suitcases

Decorating with vintage suitcases

Decorating with vintage suitcases

Decorating with vintage suitcasesTravel used to be so much more luxurious in days-gone-by. Most of these cases are monogrammed with brass initials or hand-painted letters. So much better than the luggage tags we use today.

Decorating with vintage suitcasesI like to imagine who these people were, the places they travelled to and what their lives must have been like. Yes, I have a vivid imagination! I keep a subtle travel theme going…I have saved leftover money and coins from trips of importance to us in this antique wooden bowl.

Decorating with vintage suitcasesUpstairs in the spare bedroom I have incorporated a cosmetic case and an overnight case on the bookshelf. I feel they add interest and instant character to the space.

Decorating with vintage suitcases

Decorating with vintage suitcasesThe globes add color and travel interest…

Decorating with vintage suitcases

Decorating with vintage suitcases

In this same guest room, I stacked larger cases to create a bedside night table. See that trunk on the bottom…

Decorating with vintage suitcases

…someone in my neighborhood threw this out on their trash pile. Can you believe it? And I made Jennifer go down the street, in the dark and pick it up for me LOL. This was several years ago and she was home on break from college. She was thrilled to say the least!

Decorating with vintage suitcasesIsn’t it gorgeous? This trunk is approximately 100 years old…

Decorating with vintage suitcases

We even used vintage suitcases last year for Jenn’s bridal shower…

Decorating with vintage suitcases…and wedding

Decorating with vintage suitcasesHere are a couple of tips to keep in mind if you are going start a vintage suitcase collection of your own:

  • Make sure the closures and latches work
  • Make sure the interior is in good condition.
  • Check for any gross odors. There will be slight musty odor due to age. I always add a couple of dryer sheets to the inside of the cases as soon as I get them home.
  • Make sure there is no water damage. This is practically impossible to repair.

Decorating with vintage suitcases

Thank you for allowing me to show you a bit of my vintage decor obsession! We would love to see what vintage items you collect and decorate with!

Until tomorrow,


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  1. Girl!!! That collection for $10 AND that trunk for free!?! These are amazing! I love the way you’ve used them in your home. They add even more charm to your beautiful home 🙂

    1. We know Angie! The thrill of the hunt, right? We each have them peppered throughout our homes. We know you appreciate dual purpose “furniture”.

  2. As always, you make our home a nice place to land.

  3. Wow Vicki you scored big. Love all your suitcases. What is is about a cute old vintage suitcase?!!! Just adds so much charm where ever you put them. Have a great week.

    1. Thank you so much Kris…you’re so sweet! We know what you mean. Our minds wander, wondering where did the suit case travel too. Who was it with? It’s fun to dream!

  4. LOVE your collection, Vicki, and thanks for the great advice! I would love to start my own vintage suitcase collection.

    1. Kimm – that’s great. We can’t wait to see what you collect. We have been on the hunt for plaid suitcases. They are few and far between…and very pricey. But we will keep looking! Happy hunting to you!

  5. one of my fave decorating tools!! love the monograms and especially the lighter and linen covered ones with “traincases”!

    1. We couldn’t agree more Debra! We weren’t familiar with the term “train cases”. Of course we looked it up 🙂 thanks for the great info!

  6. hi Ladies, Vicki I love all your vintage suitcases and how you styled them in your home. Oh my gosh I was giggling and imagining Jenn running down the street in the dark and grabbing the suitcase and running back and you two feeling that high of a great find. Love all the beautiful pics too. xo Lisa

  7. Adorable! And I love the beautiful colors that you use in your decor.
    The though of you making Jenn go out and snag something off the street at night made me laugh! She is sweet for doing it 🙂
    I’m headed out now to look for vintage suitcases!

    1. Hey Lisa – you have a daughter, so I know that you can relate to our story LOL. Poor Jenn!

    2. Hi Karen – I know…Jenn has been a definite good sport and team player throughout her life 🙂 We hope you have some luck in finding some great suitcases. We would be interested to know what the prices are like in your area.

  8. Love it all ladies! I’ve seen these in person and they really make a statement in your home. So beautiful ya’ll, Coco

  9. Well, in fact, I have quite a few vintage suitcases. But yours seem to be in much better shape than mine! I do love them though. Especially when they have initials and travel stickers on them. I really like your idea of putting the money in the wooden bowl. Great touch.

    1. Hey Karen! We would love to see some photos of your collection! Loved the one that you got from Haven!!

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