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Coastal Inspired Guest Bedroom Makeover

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Hey y’all…I’m so excited that you are here today! I have been busily working on making-over one of the guest bedrooms in the house. It took a bit longer than I had anticipated…it always does. In my excitement to make by design vision a reality I get very gung-ho and excited. But, then I forget about how much work needs to be done to make by decor dreams come true. Please tell me I’m not alone 🙂

I hadn’t really planned on changing this room…until I went on a beach vacation in Florida. I don’t know if it was the fresh salt air, the turquoise water or the feeling of being totally relaxed but the beach really does soothe the soul. My best friend Bambi invited us to visit the west coast of Florida and I fell in love! Her home is beautiful and her decor is gorgeous.

And then we went shopping…

I got more and more inspired with each cute shop that we went into. I purchased just a few items – mainly a large piece of beautiful white coral and some starfish. And some notecards to frame for art, which I will share with you tomorrow. I couldn’t wait to get home and create a coastal inspired bedroom! I wrote down all of my ideas on the car ride back to Georgia. These were the some of the projects I needed to complete for my coastal vision:

Blue Chalk Painted Table

Chalk Painted White Picket Side Table

DIY Curtain Rods

This is how the room looked before I started. It wasn’t bad – but it had looked this way for a few years. A change was in order…

Coastal Inspired Guest Bedroom Makeover

Coastal Inspired Guest Bedroom Makeover

Coastal Inspired Guest Bedroom Makeover

Here is the new look…A Coastal Inspired Guest Bedroom Makeover.

Coastal Inspired Guest Bedroom Makeover

I just love the shades of blue. I was going to paint the headboard, but after seeing the artwork hung above the bed I realized it wasn’t necessary. I was also very lucky with the bed pillows. When I returned home from the beach I helped Jennifer with the final packing for her move. The two large pillows were from her previous home and had been stored in her attic. She wasn’t planning on using them so I snapped them up before she changed her mind 🙂 The “happiness” pillow was also from Jenn – I love free-to-me items!

Coastal Inspired Guest Bedroom Makeover

I also kept the same lamps in the room…

Coastal Inspired Guest Bedroom Makeover

Doesn’t this bronze antiquated telescope look like the real deal?

Coastal Inspired Guest Bedroom Makeover

I couldn’t resist this sweet sailboat from World Market at 50% off.

Coastal Inspired Guest Bedroom Makeover

The weathered wood items lend to a driftwood feel…

Coastal Inspired Guest Bedroom Makeover

I wanted to add a pop of orange into the room. I bought the orange and white fabric remnant for $2.00 at a local shop.

Coastal Inspired Guest Bedroom Makeover

Coastal Inspired Guest Bedroom Makeover

Coastal Inspired Guest Bedroom Makeover

I know I love to read magazines so hopefully our guests do too!

Coastal Inspired Guest Bedroom Makeover

Speaking of guests…we will entertain our sweet friend CoCo this weekend – so she will be the first guest to sleep here!

Coastal Inspired Guest Bedroom Makeover

These are old floats…

Coastal Inspired Guest Bedroom Makeover

I just had to add this photo of my Grandpa Johnson to the room.  I’m not sure of his exact age in this photo but he was a young man. He was in his element – on a boat, cigar in his mouth, out on his beloved St. Johns River in Astor, Florida.

Coastal Inspired Guest Bedroom Makeover

Coastal Bedroom Collage

Whew – this was a long post. I hope you enjoyed the changes that I made to the guest room. I know that I really like the new space and hope that our guests do too!

Until tomorrow,



  1. Vicki, It will be my honor and pleasure to be the first guest to sleep in this room. Wow, it’s so stunning. I cannot believe we are going to stay in such luxury. I am so excited. I love it all. See you in a few hours, Coco
    PS: How crazy cool is it that we both have pictures of our grandaddy on the nightstand.

    1. Coco – I hope you liked your stay. It was our honor to host you and your mom – I only wish it was for a longer visit. I needed you to help me with several projects 🙂 Until next time…

  2. Vic, I just LOVE the guest room makeover! I can’t wait to visit and see it in person. A visit to the beach is certainly renewing and inspiring, and I’m so glad your visit to Anna Maria inspired you. Bambi

    1. YAY! I’m so glad you like it! Anna Maria is gorgeous and you well know that the idea for this room was born in your beautiful home! There is something about being at the beach that sparks my creativity…I need to visit more LOL. Can’t wait for you to see it in person.

  3. This turned out amazing! Great job!

  4. The makeover is beautiful!! Love the navy and white in this room. Also love Grandpa Johnson photo…how awesome is that!! You did an amazing job! Ya’ll have a great time at Haven!

    1. Angie – I know that you have a sentimental soul too! My grandpa was a huge inspiration in my life. We missed you terribly at Haven!

  5. Oh I liked it before but love the after. How gorgeous. Your guest will not want to leave.
    So inviting and comfy and pretty. Great re love of this room.

    1. Hey Kris – yes, the before wasn’t bad…but it had been that look for over five years and I felt like it need a refresh. I love the new room decor and it really does remind me of the beach!

  6. Vicki, This roomed turned out so beautiful and how great to get some freebies from Jenn and then some wonderful treasures on your trip which will always bring back great memories with your friend Bambi. I love that and love that CoCo is the first guest to come sleep there and I can just imagine the fun and giggles you’ll have in your pjs together this weekend. Have a ball at Haven and I’m a lil sad I’m gonna miss you girls. xo Lisa

    1. Hey Lisa – yes, this room came together seamlessly and organically. CoCo and I were up until the wee hours of the morning – wishing you were at Haven too! My dream is for all of us to get together for a girls weekend real soon!

  7. Abosutely gorgeous. I love your coastal decor. I loved your room before but love what you did afterwards. I want to come and be a guest.

    1. Hi Cookie – thank you so very much! Being at the beach truly inspired this new look and we love how it turned out! Be our guest…

  8. mary scott says:

    It’s just beau-ti-ful! Love it all.

  9. Hi Vicki! It’s me! Karen Heath! Just hanging out in bed this morning looking at your new guest room – and it’s gorgeous! I looked it over several times and didn’t see you mention anything about the picket fence side table. That piece just makes the room!

    And what I’m really thinking . . . “look at you, being all organized and having posts during Haven!”

    That didn’t happen for me this year…

    1. Hey Karen – Thank you! The picket side table is one of the links in the post. I love that table too! It was fabulous to finally meet at Haven! Jenn and I are grateful for your willingness to share your knowledge and insight! Hope your journey home was safe!

  10. I’m new to your blog and loving it. Great guest room makeover. Love that you and your daughter trade items…my daughter Mary and I do the same. And, coincidently, she’s moving to a new home next week. I just asked her for a mirror that she’s not planning to use…it’s been in my husbands family for over 60 years…and that I had given her almost 20 years ago. Looking forward to more posts.

    1. YAY Honin! We are so happy that you are here! Aren’t mother/daughter relationships the best? So glad that you and your daughter get to trade and share decor items too! We would love to see a photo of that mirror – We are sure it is gorgeous!

  11. Hi Vicki!
    I admit, I did like the old guest room, but I really like the transformation to a coastal inspired guest room. Love the simplicity but with just enough touches. I especially liked that you added the picture of your Grandfather, which fit in perfectly! Thanks for sharing at Talented Tuesday link party!

  12. Vicki I love all the coastal changes you made! The guest room looks fabulous!!! That picture of your grandfather is precious! What a special treasure! Thanks so much for sharing again at Dream. Create. Inspire. Link. Hope you had a great weekend and take care, Tara

    1. Hey there Aspen – yes, the room did look good before. But, you know how it is…that had been the decor for over five years and we really just needed an update. My grandpa was very special in my life and the photos I have of him are so fantastic…he’s usually out on the water, Thank you so much for stopping by!

    2. Hi Tara – Thank you so much. I do treasure all of my vintage photos, especially of my grandfather. Our weekend was wonderful but we are already looking ahead to the next one LOL. Take care!

  13. Your guest room makeover is lovely. I love all things coastal and you’ve done a beautiful job transforming this space. It was very pretty in the before pictures, but I completely get it that sometimes a change is in order!

    1. Hey Beverly..thank you so much! You are the lucky one who get to experience the ocean on a daily basis 🙂 Yes, it was just time to change things up and I am so happy with the result!

  14. Tracie Wheelus says:

    Your bedroom make over turned out great! I’m not a beach person, but I would feel so calm and relaxed in that bedroom. I Love it!

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