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Summer Vintage Nautical Mantel Decor

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Summer Mantel Decor

Holy moly…can you believe that we are talking about summer?! Friday marks the last day of school for summer break for my nieces and nephews – it just doesn’t seem possible. In our part of the country Memorial Weekend is the official kickoff to summer. We have a lot planned so stay tuned! First up – summer mantel decor.

You know my life has been a bit crazy as of late, so my home has been a tad neglected. I’m embarrassed to say that there was still an errant bunny or two leftover from Easter that hadn’t been put away yet. After finally having the time and energy I de-Springed the house and packed it all away. Nothing feels better than starting with a fresh, clean slate.

Summer Vintage Nautical Mantel

When thinking about my summer mantel decor I wasn’t sure at first what I wanted to do. I thought back to my own childhood and my favorite parts of carefree summers. Those special times were always spent with my grandparents in Florida near the St. Johns River.


I idolized my grandpa and followed him around like a puppy dog – through his homegrown vegetable field, to his brother’s house down the dirt road or to the corner store with the screened door. By the way, this store is where I had my very first Nehi Orange drink – nectar of the gods 🙂 If you needed to find me you just needed to find grandpa. In fact my great uncle Henry used to say “I see you brought your shadow” and then he’d scoop me up and give me a giant bear hug.


My absolute favorite thing to do was to go out in the boat. We would walk down to the dock at the river, grandpa would place me inside the boat and he would paddle out far enough until the water was deep enough to turn the boat motor on. It felt like the boat was going 100 miles an hour. Grandpa would let me “steer” once the boat was on open water. Those were wonderful times and I never took them for granted – even as a little girl.

Summer Vintage Nautical Mantel Decor. DIY farmhouse frame. Vintage fishing photo.


Suddenly my inspiration for my summer mantel decor became grandpa, vintage fishing items and the color blue – definitely waxing nostalgic.

This mantel decor came together within minutes once I was inspired.

Summer Vintage Nautical Mantel Decor. Ceramic fish garland.

Y’all know how much I love my cobalt blue vintage bottles.

Summer Vintage Nautical Mantel. Cobalt Blue bottles.

This old minnow bucket is just like one from my youthful memories.

Summer Vintage Nautical Mantel Decor. Vintage minnow bucket.

This vintage photo is the real deal. It is my grandpa and my uncle. It took them all day to bring in this giant grouper. There are a lot of family tales about how long it took them to bring it in – but they definitely caught it!

Summer Vintage Nautical Mantel Decor. Weathered wood frame.

Weathered wood is so pretty to me, even these old oars. It makes me think of who owned them, what body of water were they on?

Summer Vintage Nautical Mantel Decor. Well worn boat oar.

Remember the vanity bench I painted and recovered with a tea towel?

Summer Vintage Nautical Mantel Decor. Painted vanity bench makeover.



Isn’t this ceramic garland adorable? It was a birthday gift last month.

Summer Vintage Nautical Mantel Decor. Decorative ceramic fish garland.

Family history and memories run deep in my veins and in my heart. These are some of the reasons why I love vintage decor so much – it reminds me of home, family and love.

Summer Vintage Nautical Mantel Decor. Summer Home Decor


Summer Mantel


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A big thank you to our sweet friend Amy of My Life From Home for hosting this design series.




  1. Awe, that’s so sweet that your grandpa inspired this look for your mantel! I love the cohesive styling of this mantel. Love that ceramic garland as well! So perfect for this mantel display!

  2. of course I love all the blue but the nostalgia is so sweet 🙂 beautiful work!

  3. Loved reading more about your Grandpa Vicki! What a great idea to use him as the inspiration for your summer mantel. I can’t get over how big that grouper was he caught!!! Love that minnow bucket and the old oars.

  4. Wow!! I love the beautiful blue vases and the artwork is gorgeous! Very sweet that your grandpa inspired this lovely Summer Mantel!

  5. I like the personal stories that you’ve incorporated.

  6. Awe! I love the personal stories that you added. Your mantel is awesome! I love the blue and the fishing vibe with the oar and the bucket. It’s the perfect summer display!

  7. Vicki all of the personal and nostalgic touches make your mantel so special! Also, don’t feel bad about the leftover Easter decor – I had the same issue! hahaha!

  8. This is definitely one of my favorite mantels you guys have ever done! I love the touches of blue mixed with the white and that photograph is seriously so cool. That fish garland is a great new addition. It’s totally you! Love the words behind this post lady, great job! Hugs, CoCo

  9. I would have loved your mantel regardless with all of the fun and whimsy, but adding the nostalgia to it made me love it even more! What wonderful memories for you! That fishing lure banner is SO adorable!

  10. Honestly I love everything about this, I can’t even pick a favorite piece! You nailed the nautical look perfectly. You know I love those blue bottles!

  11. This might be my favorite of all your decor because of the wonderful memories that inspired it, Vicki! What a beautiful way to remember your family and those summers together. Oh, and don’t feel bad about errant Easter bunnies – I still have one on a shelf that I keep forgetting to put away!

  12. Love all the memories of your grandpa tied into your mantel! It’s stunning and sentimental! Love love love!

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