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Bold Floral Blue and White Removable Wallpaper – One Room Challenge Week 3

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Thank heavens things are looking up and we have something pretty to show you this week. You have got to see our bold floral blue and white removable wallpaper!

Friends, we feel so much better this week! We cannot thank you enough for your encouragement and well wishes last week when we shared with you how many things weren’t going our way. If you missed that post you can catch up HERE and Week 1 HERE. This week we accomplished so much that it boosted our energy and confidence. Before we get too far ahead with our bold floral blue and white removable wallpaper – let’s remind you of a few things!

Navy and White Bathroom Makeover - One Room Challenge Week 1

If you are not familiar with the One Room Challenge™ this is how it works. It was created by Linda of Calling it Home several years ago and it has mushroomed into the fabulous bi-annual challenge that it currently is.

Within the next few weeks we will completely makeover one room from top to bottom. Every Thursday we will give you a progress report and let you know how we are doing. You will not only get to see our progress updates, but of lots of other designers as well! On May 10th we will all have the big reveal of our magnificently completed spaces. The featured designers post on Wednesdays and design bloggers like us will post on Thursdays.

Also we are thrilled and fortunate  that Media Partner House Beautiful  is a sponsor of this challenge.

Remember last week when we were so worried when the wallpaper was delivered in the rain like this? It was damaged during delivery – not the sender’s fault.

We are thrilled to report that there was no damage at all to the wallpaper. Completely dry and all sheets were perfectly intact. Whew! Also – super excited that Jenn was able to spend the day Saturday rescuing her mama. Jenn 100% completely did all of the hanging of this gorgeous wallpaper. Vicki moved the ladder, step ladder, rolled down the paper, etc. You know, played a fabulous Vanna White.

Bold and Beautiful

Is this gorgeous or what? Late one night browsing through removable wallpaper photos online, I came to a screeching halt when I spotted this beauty. Instantly I knew that this was the one that I had to have for the bathroom makeover.

Immediately I reached out to the Etsy shop owner and asked questions. Even though it was late at night, my questions were answered quickly. I placed my order and received the paper within just a few days time. This fabulous paper is from uniQstiQ and their Etsy shop is filled with gorgeous designs. You can even create your own. They are graciously offering our readers a 20% discount until the end of 2018! Just use the coupon code 2BEESINAPOD when you check out!

The paper is very thick – like vinyl. It came with great hanging instructions and a thick paper backing that Jenn would roll down the back inch by inch as she placed the paper on the bathroom wall. The great thing about this paper is that you can readjust it – seriously…like pick it up and move it! And it sticks beautifully!

Now the garish tile and countertop stand out even more. With the bright white of the painted walls and the brightness of the wallpaper these two things definitely need to be changed – STAT!  How about the sneak peek of the painted vanity?!

Countertop Dream

Through the magic of editing, this is what this area would look like with a pure white countertop. I’m not giving up or admitting defeat yet. There has to be an economical solution out there and I am determined to find it – hopefully in time!

So – a lot of big things did get crossed off the list this week. But I have a long way to go! Now I’m ready to start painting those tiles! In the meantime I am loving my Bold Floral Blue and White Removable Wallpaper! Don’t forget to visit uniQstiQ  and use the 20% coupon code.

Bathroom Complete

To Do List

  1. take down wall mirror
  2. remove existing toilet paper holder
  3. take down existing towel bar
  4. remove existing towel ring
  5. tape off walls, baseboards and doorway for wall painting
  6. repair and patch drywall holes before painting
  7. paint walls
  8. tape off walls in preparation for ceiling paint
  9. paint ceiling 
  10. tape off flooring and walls in preparation of painting vanity
  11. remove vanity hardware
  12. remove vanity drawers and doors
  13. prime vanity
  14. paint vanity
  15. seal vanity
  16. add new vanity hardware
  17. change out vanity faucet
  18. clean and degrease tile floors and shower tiles
  19. sand tile floors and shower wall tiles
  20. thoroughly clean tile floors and shower wall tiles
  21. prime floor tiles
  22. prime shower wall tiles
  23. paint floor tiles
  24. paint shower wall tiles
  25. faux paint floor tiles
  26. faux paint shower wall tiles
  27. seal floor tiles – 3 coats
  28. seal shower wall tiles – 3 to 4 coats
  29. add glass subway tile feature wall above vanity
  30. install wallpaper mural feature wall
  31. hang new mirror
  32. remove existing light fixture
  33. install new light fixture
  34. hang new shower curtain rod
  35. hang new shower curtain
  36. install new toilet paper holder
  37. add  two (2) new towel hooks
  38. install new towel ring
  39. find countertop solution

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  1. Oh my, ladies! That wallpaper is absolutely gorgeous! I love the boldness of the blue! And what a relief that it wasn’t ruined. We’re halfway through and what amazing progress you’ve made! Only a few weeks til the reveal and I can’t wait to see this room!

  2. Love it. It’s all Coming together.

  3. That wallpaper is stunning! You ladies have done so much already. Can’t wait to see how this bathroom turns out. Loving that peek of the vanity too. Such a gorgeous blue color!

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. That wallpaper is beyond gorgeous!!! Can’t wait to see the whole space revealed!

  5. Wow! That wallpaper is absolutely STUNNING! I love it and can’t wait to see this come together!

  6. Beautiful wallpaper. I have to admit I’m a bit concerned over the color on the vanity. That cobalt blue looks awfully bright. I’m very curious to see the finished room.

  7. This screams your name to me! lol. Beautiful wallpaper choice!

  8. Look at Countertop Epoxy. However, I’ve used it on lighter colors and it has yellowed. But for a darker color, it works great. Another option would be concrete overlay.

    Your wallpaper looks amazing with that blue vanity!!

  9. I love this bold wallpaper! The blue is so perfect for your home too. Cant wait to see it all done!!!!

  10. I LOVE that wallpaper!! I am still working on getting mine up. I am using pre pasted and when the I run the to tool over it to get the bubbles out it looks like snot…I have snot EVERYWHERE, lol!! I should have went with peel and stick! Keep looking for that countertop solution, I know you will find it!!

  11. Wow, I love that wallpaper! And that it’s removable is even better because I’ve had to remove old style wallpaper from a bathroom before (not fun). Plus it really makes your vanity pop. Your new bathroom is going to look amazing!!

  12. Gorgeous gorgeous wallpaper!! 😍 and I love seeing that Pop of blue on the vanity!

  13. Wow looking beautiful! I have never install wallpaper before. So many fun colors and prints thinking I need to try it soon. Looking forward to your progress.

  14. This wallpaper is so gorgeous! I am on pins and needles to see how this space comes together. Everyting that you guys have picked out so far is next level stunning. I am totally excited for you! Big Hugs, CoCo

  15. I am absolutely in love with your wall paper and cannot wait for the big reveal !!

  16. What brand name and color is the blue on the cabinets? I’m having a hard time finding that color.

  17. Hi, I’m wanting to know what brand and color paint was used in the vanity? Someone mentioned colbalt but I think you mentioned navy?
    Which is it and what brand. Thank Absolutely stunning.!!!

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