Backyard Makeover

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So excited to share the backyard makeover today with y’all! 

It wasn’t a project that we had necessarily planned on doing this year, but boy are we glad that we did the backyard makeover. It has made such a difference to our outdoor space and we have been spending so much more time outside. Now with the cooler weather upon us, we’ll be in the backyard non-stop.

The Before

Here is a before picture of the backyard. Unfortunately this tree had begun to rot and we knew we needed to get it removed sooner rather than later. To be honest, it also impeded anything, especially grass, from growing in the backyard.

Backyard with large tree

Once the tree was removed, we knew we had to do some landscaping. The yard was just a hot mess and a mud pit. The fire pit area had looked good when we first did it years ago, but it was in major need of a refresh now as well. 

Removal of backyard tree

Firepit pre makeover

The day the work began! The crew arrived early in the morning to get started and we couldn’t wait to see the results. 

Starting to lay down sod

The After

Are you ready?! What a difference, right? When the work was done, we couldn’t believe it was the same yard. We actually have grass!

After Backyard Project


Love how green it is! We went with zoysia sod and have been diligently watering the yard, hoping we don’t kill it. Living in the city, our house also backs up to a highway. We installed 10 green giant trees, which should grow fairly quickly and help reduce some of the noise. I also already have visions of what these will look like during Christmas time. These trees better all make it too haha. 

Grass is growing

Fire Pit Area

The fire pit area isn’t looking as sad anymore. Though we do need to update our outdoor furniture. One thing at a time. With the weather getting cooler, we know we’ll be utilizing this area quite a bit. Roasting marshmallows and relaxing by the fire. As you can see too, leaves have already begun to fall, ushering a change of the season. 

We went with slate chips for the patio, as it was a less expensive option. And I think it turned out great! Initially we thought we would have a patio with pavers, but the cost savings was just too much to ignore. We can always do pavers a few years from now. 

Firepit area refresh

slate patio

slate patio

I wanted to bring a little bit of fall and color to the fire pit, so I added mums to these great ceramic containers I got from Home Depot a while ago. They are the perfect fall color! 

Fall planting

Fall plants

Mums for fall

She Shed

I wanted to plant some fall flowers for the she shed as well. For the exterior I was really gravitating towards purples and pinks. They aren’t traditional fall colors, but they definitely work and the yard needed a little pop of color. 

fall she shed

Decorated she shed for fall

Plants for fall

Fall planters

She shed decor

The backyard makeover is just such a transformation. We have lived in this house for 6 years and the backyard was an area we never did much with. Having landscaping done is one of the best investments we have made. Eventually we’ll likely do a little more planting, but we didn’t want to overwhelm ourselves, especially with a baby on the way. It’s hard enough trying not to kill the sod haha. 

After backyard project

I hope that you feel like this is as much of a transformation as I do! It just feels so good having a yard I actually want to spend time in now. 

Reveal of the Backyard Makeover


  1. What an amazing makeover! I’m so partial to a beautiful outdoor space, and you have created a beauty! Great job!

  2. Wow! What a transformation. Thank you for the inspiration.

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