Neutral Fall Entryway Decor

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We’re excited to share more fall decor with you, including neutral fall entryway decor. 

Each year I like to change up my fall decor a little bit. Do any of y’all do the same thing? This includes shopping what I already have, especially given the circumstances around this year. I am actually happy to say that I did not buy anything new for my interior decor. Definitely an accomplishment for me haha. Sometimes I lean more neutral while other times I prefer the deep, rich autumn colors. This year I am gravitating towards neutral for my interiors and am sharing my neutral fall entryway decor with y’all. 

Decorating entryway for fall

This table was a purchase from a consignment store for an awesome deal when we first moved into our house! The foyer is a decent size and it just fits in perfectly. I had thought about painting it initially, but decided to keep the natural wood for now. It has some definite imperfections, but it makes me love the piece even more. 

neutral fall decor

I had gotten these white pumpkins from Michael’s a couple of years ago and they are the perfect addition for my fall stash. You can see similar ones here. I don’t have quite as much fall decor as I do Christmas decor, but I definitely have a few boxes. Wood accent pieces, like these cute owls, add a little more texture to the fall entryway.

wood owl fall decor

white pumpkin decor

And, I love this “Hello Fall” sign that I got from Michael’s a few of years ago on sale as well. I had used it on my front porch decor, which you can see here, but I thought it would look great in the entryway this year. 

Fall Decor Sign

neutral fall entryway decor

Also, these wooden pumpkins were a Homegoods find years ago and are perfect for autumn decor. 

Wood pumpkin decor

I’m fairly certain I kind of stole this rustic, vintage wooden crate from mom a few years ago. She was recently at the house and didn’t say anything, so hopefully it is safe to say that it is now mine. Fingers crossed! 

rustic fall decor

Fall decorating for entryway

For your fall decor, do you lean towards neutrals or do you prefer to have a little more pop of color? We honestly love both! 


  1. Pretty neutral fall decor. Love the antique box as the focal piece in the middle.

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