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8 Ideas For a Spa Like Bathroom

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8 Ideas For a Spa Like Bathroom

Have you ever treated yourself to a spa day? Better yet, has someone else gifted you a spa treatment of some kind? Personally these are some of my favorite gifts to receive. Whether it be for a heated stone massage, a healing back massage or some other type of pampering – I am always appreciative of my experience. The first thing that I am usually impressed by upon arrival at a spa is the overall mood. Serene, peaceful and quiet. Next I notice how fragrant the spa is – typically light and woodsy. You can’t help but feel relaxed just by walking into the spa doors. This is the feeling that I wanted to convey in my own home.

Welcome to Week 6 of our Room by Room Summer Series. This week is all about bathrooms. Thank you to our host Amy of My Life From Home. Y’all are in for a big treat – Amy renovated her master bathroom a few months ago and it is gorgeous. You don’t want to miss it or the other design blogger bathroom ideas at the end of this post.

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Sadly, I can’t afford to go to the spa every week. However I have been able to create and add elements to my bathroom that give me the look and feel of a retreat. Here are my 8 ideas for a spa like bathroom.


Scents are very personal to each individual. Feel free to use whatever are your personal favorites. My current addiction is this Amber and Vanilla CandleIt is the perfect blend of spice and wood – I just love it. I also have the Tobacco and Vanilla Candle and I swear it reminds me exactly of my grandpa and his pipe!

If you would like this particular candle I found it HERE. Sadly, they no longer have it in the cobalt blue but they do carry it in this gorgeous amber glass…I have that one too.

Brushes, loofahs and sponges

Using brushes, loofahs and natural sponges are so good for us. They remove dried skin and they stimulate the lymphatic system. The brush on the left is a cellulite brush…I’m gonna need a bigger brush LOL.


When using soap it is best to use one that is very mild for your skin. We made these adorable and very popular DIY Scented Bee Soaps. It has a goat milk base and organic essential oil. Use something that you love.

If you’re interested in making these soaps you can find the mold HERE. The meltable goat’s milk base soap can be found HERE.

Bubble Bath

The ultimate gift to myself is a long bubble bath. If you are a long time reader you might remember that I used to have a “magical bathtub”. Since moving, I have had to make do with a small tub, but my tub-time is important to me! This bubble bath was a gift from Jenn and needless to say, I love it. It is very mild, emollient and feels so good on my skin. 


If you have never made your own scrub, do yourself a favor. They are easy to do and you can personalize the ingredients to your fragrance preference profile. I made this Coconut Orange Sugar Scrub – it smells good enough to eat! You won’t believe how fabulous this makes your skin feel!

Relaxing florals, plants and oils

It’s no secret that I’m a lavender lover. Fresh, dried or essential oil – they all smell fabulous. Recently I shared a post for lavender dryer sachets. But you can also see my posts for lavender bath salts and lavender sleep spray. I swear by lavender as a natural mode for relaxation and sleep.

Don’t fall asleep in the bathtub!

  • Pour approximately one tablespoon of fresh or dried lavender into cheesecloth and knot it closed well. Throw it into a hot bath to release the natural floral oils for a relaxing bath.
  • Add 3-5 drops of lavender essential oil into your hot bath for a relaxing bath.

Keep bath essentials handy.

Plush Towels

My towel preference is thick, plush and white. Buy the best that you can afford. Typically all of my towels are purchased from HomeGoods because they offer designer brands at fantastic prices. Most recently I bought Ralph Lauren Towels for just $5.99 each.

Good Reads

The only time I ever have a chance to really catch up on my reading anymore is either when I travel or in my bathtub…just being honest. My favorite magazines are always on a stool next to the tub. When I have a new book, it’s in here too.

A spa like bathroom


Speaking of new books our sweet friend KariAnne Wood of Thistlewood Farm has written a book! We are super excited for her! Jenn and I had a chance to read the book in advance and we were blown away.

“This is a book celebrating the incredible, awesome, special individual within each of us. It’s also a book for anyone who has ever mismatched her shoes or trimmed her own bangs when a professional might have been a better choice or added too much soap to the washer and watched it overflow.”

KariAnne is talented, funny, charming, amazing – well think of any positive adjective and it would fit her and her personality. Can you tell that we think the world of her? The book is titled So Close to Amazing and she is offering a pre-order price through Amazon. Click the link HERE before September 5th to secure your copy! You won’t be sorry.

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  1. Oh my gosh these ideas are all so good! I love taking a bath too and I always remember how much you love your magical tubby. I’m currently featuring those goat milk bees soap in my bathroom and I get so many compliments on them. They’re almost too pretty to use ha ha! Hugs, CoCo

  2. I feel more relaxed just looking at your gorgeous photos! I agree that it’s important to pamper ourselves and I love to keep a good sugar scrub or bottle of bath soak on hand. I’d still prefer a trip to the spa, though 😉

  3. ASH Green says:

    Thank you so much for such an informative piece of information 🙂
    If anyone interested similar one’s have a look here


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