Updating a Rustic Side Table

Kara recently went to visit her parents in North Carolina and came back with some treasures for me to work with :)  One of them was a wooden bench that I think would make a great accent piece in any room.  It honestly didn’t need a lot of work, but I thought it would look great whitewashed.

Well I had never whitewashed anything before and I honestly couldn’t get it to work out how I wanted it to look.  I had tried a small area and I was not liking how it was looking.  So with that DIY fail behind me, I decided to paint it gray…one of my favorite colors.

Here is the table I was working with…I loved the rustic look, but it just needed a little bit of tlc.



I had a small container of gray paint that I thought would be a great color for my living room.  I lightly sanded the piece and then got to painting.





After I let it dry, I brought it into my living room and placed it in the corner. I love how it turned out…it still looks rustic, but updated with modern gray paint.



I just love taking pieces of furniture and making them my own.  Although the whitewashing technique didn’t work, I was easily able to shift gears and paint this cute little table.  And now I have a mission to get the whitewash technique down…I don’t like when I can’t get something to work :)  If you know any whitewashing techniques I’d love to hear them!