Wine Cork Birdhouse…

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I have been collecting wine corks for more years than I can remember.  I accumulated so many that I started decorating with them. Bulletin boards, candle holders, place card holders – you name it.  Wow…sounds like I drink a lot of wine doesn’t it?  I am also fortunate that our favorite waitress Jennifer, from our favorite Italian restaurant, Pero’s gives me a bag of wine corks every time we go to dinner there…definitely spoiled.

I decided to go on Pinterest and find an easy craft project using wine corks and saw a couple of really cute wine cork birdhouses and decided to give it a whirl.  From the examples that I saw, crafters built their houses with just the cork as their foundation and frame.  I chose an easier route of buying a birdhouse frame and decorated it with the corks.  I know it seems like cheating, but I know my limitations 🙂 (This post contains affiliate links)

Wine corks are ready to make a birdhouse. You can use wine corks to make just about anything.

Here’s what I used:

Wine Corks
Birdhouse Frame
Hot Glue Gun
Eye Screw
Cork Stickers (used for roofing)

Sticks from my yard

I poured out my wine corks and laid out a basic pattern for each side.  I glued the corks as I worked.  First, I completed the sides.

Then, U worked on the front which was a bit problematic with the roof pitch and the bird hole.  I was able to cut some corks and work them in.  The back was slightly easier to fit the corks.

Cut wine corks to fit around hole opening for the birdhouse. It's best to lay out the corks and play around with them. I had to cut cork until I got the fit just right.

You will need to keep cutting the wine corks until the fit just right on the birdhouse. The pitch of the roof can be a little tricky.Lucky for me, I found cork stickers on clearance at Ace Hardware.  These stickers are used as chair pads and I used them as roofing material for the house.  Quick and easy…

using cork stickers makes this DIY birdhouse a little easier. They can be found at any home decor store.

To finish off the front I used branches from my yard to add a perch and eaves.

Using tiny sticks from the yard helped pull this wine cork birdhouse together. Such a cute DIY project.

Overall, I was pleased with the outcome and the birdhouse is very cute.  Lets call it rustic log cabin look 🙂  I probably won’t be leaving it outside in the elements.  It will be used inside as decoration.  I will definitely make another birdhouse with this method.

How have you used your leftover wine corks?

Wine Cork Birdhouse is such an easy DIY craft. Use your leftover wine corks to make your own.


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  2. Fannie Wade says:

    It’s crazy, when I was like 5 years old I built this same kind of birdhouse at Home Depot with my dad and now I’m 17 and I’m just getting into woodworking. I might build this with my 6 year old brother because he’s been asking to build stuff with me

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