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Sunroom Decor at the Lake

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We are still on a holiday high…Honey Bee and I have decided to extended our time at the lake a couple of days longer. The weather Gods have finally cooperated and we have had two rain-free days in a row! We have happily been spending time outdoors and with our wonderful friends.

I just discovered that there is a TJ Maxx within a 30 minute ride from us! Now, I don’t know what rock I’ve been hiding under that I didn’t know this before now. On one rainy day Jennifer and I ventured out to this “new” discovery. We each bought some home decor items and were both kicking ourselves over items that we left behind but should have added to our cart. Do y’all ever do that? You would think by now that we would know better 🙂

Back at the house…I was sitting in the sunroom yesterday morning drinking my coffee, I had a sense of how comfortable and cozy the room is. I thought maybe y’all might like to see some of the sunroom decor. I have decorated with several handmade items in the room that mean a lot to me.

So…let the tour begin!




Isn’t this hand-carved stump fabulous? My brother Gary made this for me as a Christmas gift one year. Our family feels like this looks a bit like Papa Hemingway – hence the Panama hat. At Christmastime he is definitely St. Nick outfitted with a red stocking cap 🙂




My sweet brother even carved his name and date…


It’s no big secret that I have a sentimental heart. I think that is why I love vintage and antique items so much. I wonder who might have owned the item, where did they live, were they happy, what were their hopes and dreams. My coffee table was purchased at an antique fair several years ago. I bought it on the final day of the fair and got an unbelievable deal. The vendor that sold it to me let me know that it was a handmade tool chest. I loved that it was handcrafted, the color was perfect and it was wood.




At the fair, I quickly opened the top and found a hinged tray on the inside.


Imagine my surprise when I got home to discover that the hinged tray also opened. Look at what is painted on the bottom of that tray…


Isn’t that the sweetest? I love that the son wanted people to know who his dad was and that he made this tool chest. It makes this coffee table all the more special to me.

I bought the antique step ladder many years ago at a shop going out of business…look who else loves the sunroom.




This beautiful blue pottery piece was made for me by Jennifer’s best friend Rochelle. Isn’t she talented?


This sweetgrass basket is a definite family heirloom. My maternal great-great-grandmother made this basket with her own two hands. Can you imagine wrapping the grass pieces around and sewing it together? I often wonder what her life must have been like – living in the backwoods of rural Florida. I am so happy that my grandmother gifted me with this treasure.




I hope you liked this tour of our sunroom at our home-away-from-home! We will head back to Atlanta – and reality – later today!

See you back here tomorrow!



  1. Your treasures are amazing! I’m with Starbuck I love love love the sun room and your new pict. Hello glamorous! Hugs, CoCo

    1. HaHa – that sweet boy knows how to be comfortable 🙂 Thank you so much for liking the sunroom!

  2. Beautiful sunroom! I love the sentimental pieces, both new and old!! I’m sure it’s hard to leave that place and return to reality! Glad you had a couple of nice days!

    1. Hey Angie – We were having so much fun at the lake we just couldn’t pull ourselves away! The sunroom is probably my favorite room at the lake! Thanks so much for stopping by.

  3. This looks like a space I could spend a lot of time in. The trunk is my favorite piece and the handwritten note makes it so special! Those are my favorite kinds of things to discover.

    1. Hi Jamie – we couldn’t agree more! It is so special to have that handwritten provenance inside the chest. It made the purchase all the more special.

  4. Vicki. wow. I’m so glad you got to extend your vacation and I LOVE your lake house sun room. The colors are fabulous and all the treasures are wonderful. I love the chest and that tiki like guy is too cute. Can’t wait to see more. Have a safe trip back xo Lisa

    1. Hey Lisa – yes, we just couldn’t come back to reality 🙂 It was so very nice to have all that extra time at the lake. Thanks so much for liking my room and treasures.

    1. Hi Debra – we love the color and patina too! It’s hard to find pieces like this anymore so we are thrilled we found it.

  5. Loved the tour of such a delightful room. I.m so jealous that you have a lake house AND that beautiful trunk!

    1. Karen – you are just too sweet! Come on down to Georgia and we will show you a good time on the lake!

  6. yes, I am jealous you have a (beautiful) lake house too. I’m seeing a blogger meeting in that sunroom in the future, I’ll bring an appetizer and a bottle of wine 🙂

    1. Mary Beth you are so right…it would be the perfect place for a blogger conference! Would love to share apps and wine too!

  7. Very pretty and so much personality.

    My fav is the step ladder because I have never seen such mechanism before. Very interesting.

    1. Thank you so much! That step ladder was a great find at an even better price. It has a registration mark on it from England. It’s is about 100 years old and in perfect condition.

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