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Summer Bucket List 2019 – 50 Fun Ideas With a Free Printable

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Here are 50 fun ideas for your summer bucket list 2019! We’re including a free printable too.

Locally, children are already out of school for summer break. It made us think of lazy days and fun things to pass the time. We came up with our summer bucket list 2019 – 50 fun ideas with a free printable. This is the perfect list to do alone, or with family and friends.

1. Homemade Ice CreamFarmers market peaches are perfect for making easy peach ice cream.

2. Grow Some Food

3. See a sunrise or sunset

4. Have a picnic


5. Take a road trip to somewhere you’ve never been.

6. Visit a farmer’s market or roadside stand

7. Host a porch party

8. Go to an outdoor concert


9. Catch a fireworks show

Summer Bucket List

10. Create a new cocktail for the season

11. Make homemade lemonade

12. Host a Bar-B-Q

13. Trace your genealogy and create a family tree

14. Beach Time and Vitamin Sea

15. Read 3 books

16. Get in the water

17. Make a Summer Playlist


18. Collect Seashells by the Seashore

How to Clean Seashells After Your Beach Trip

Coastal Inspired Succulent Garden - beach sand, shells, rock, succulents

19. Add summer accessories to your home

20. Plan a girls-only getaway

Girl's Weekend Getaway in Franklin TN. Love this beautiful sign outside of the Tin Cottage shop. Beautiful home decor and farmhouse decor shopping.

Girl's Weekend Getaway in Franklin TN. Isn't this setting gorgeous in Franklin TN.

21. Pick fresh berries

22. Be a tourist in your own town

23. Paddle a canoe or kayak

24. Catch fireflies

25. Go for a boat ride

26. Head to the mountains

27. Stay in a cabin

28. Go white water rafting

29. Learn to fly fish

30. Take pictures and develop them

31. Get a mani-pedi in a fun color

32. Fly a kite

33. Stargaze 

34. Make a sandcastle

35. Hike a new trail


36. Go camping


37. Visit a historical site

38. Take pictures and develop them


39. Buy a souvenir

Whether you prefer something kitschy or more sophisticated – it’s always fun to have a reminder of a great summer trip.

40. Spend time with family and friends

Surround yourself with good people who make you laugh. These are memories in the making.

41. Learn to cook a new cuisine

42. Play board games

43. Play cards

44. Make a root beer float 

45. Hand-write a letter to someone

Handwritten letters are definitely a lost art. Wouldn’t it be fun to write a meaningful letter to someone that you love. Or maybe resurrect the good old days with a Pen Pal. 

46. Visit a lighthouse

47. Visit a farm

48. Attract hummingbirds

49. Go to an antique fair

50. House sit for a friend 

It might even be fun to house swap with someone. This could be a mini-vacay for both of you!

Summer Porch and Garden Tour

Don’t forget to print this and Pin it to your favorite Pinterest board!

Free Printable


  1. WOW, so many options and so little time! I want to do everything on the list! Better get started. Thanks for the motivation to make the most of what’s looking to be a great summer.

  2. Bambi – we wish that we were doing this list together! Hopefully we can scratch off most of these items by summers’ end! Much love!
    Vicki and Jenn

  3. There are so many fabulous summer ideas on this list! Seeing all these photos makes me so happy because it just goes to show you how easy it is to celebrate the big moments in life and the little moments too! Can’t wait to catch up on all your adventures this summer. Hugs, CoCo

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