Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Ritz Cracker Cookies…

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With the holidays fast approaching, we have decided to post our top holiday posts from last year. 

These cookies are perfect because they are super-simple and quick to make – for your family, as a hostess gift or for your own party. Enjoy!

We’re getting closer to Christmas, which means we’re in baking mode…and apparently based on this week’s posts drinking mode as well 🙂

Our family is all about holiday traditions, especially when it comes to food and special beverages!  My mom always made these growing up around the holidays and this year I wanted to give them a try.  I mean how could you not love Ritz Crackers, peanut butter, and chocolate?!  It is seriously three of my favorite things all together.  If I were with Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music trying to not be frightened by a stormthis is literally one of the things I would have sung about.

And the great thing is, is that they are sooo easy to make!  Who has time during the holidays to spend hours in the kitchen when you could be spending that time with family.

Here is what you will need:

Ingredients for Peanut Butter & Choclate Ritz Cracker Cookies

Peanut Butter, Chocolate & Ritz Cracker Cookies


  • Ritz Crackers (you can use as many as you would like)
  • Peanut Butter, creamy
  • Chocolate Bark, 24 oz.
  • Wax Paper


First thing to do is to make your peanut butter sandwiches. I would use about 1/2 a tbsp. of peanut butter between the crackers.

Once you have your sandwiches made, you will want to melt the chocolate, which can be done on the stove or in the microwave.

You will then dip the sandwich into the chocolate and make sure it is fully covered.

Once you remove it from the chocolate, place on wax paper to harden.

The first thing to do is to go ahead and make your peanut butter sandwiches.  I like a lot of peanut butter on mine, so I tend not to measure and just put on what I think is enough.

Adding peanut butter for Peanut Butter, Chocolate & Ritz Cracker Cookies

Peanut Butter sandwich for Peanut Butter, Chocolate & Ritz Cracker Cookies

Then I melt my chocolate bark, which I feel is easiest to do in the microwave.  Just be prepared to act quickly once you remove it, so it doesn’t harden.  You also want to melt it in intervals so you don’t burn it.

Chocolate Bark before it's melted for Peanut Buttter, Chocolate, & Ritz Cracker Cookies

I then dip the entire cookie in the chocolate and remove with a fork.

Dipping Ritz Cracker Peanut Butter sandwich into chocolate

Dipping Ritz Cracker Peanut Butter sandwich into chocolate

You want to place it on wax paper after you’ve removed it, so it can harden.

Peanut Butter, Chocolate, & Ritz Cracker Cookies

I couldn’t wait to eat these with a cold glass of milk 🙂

Peanut Butter, Chocolate & Ritz Cracker Cookies...perfect for the holidays! Christmas Cookie

They may not have turned out exactly like my mom’s, but they are pretty darn close.



  1. Vicki & Jennifer, WOW those look delish and super easy to make!! I love sweet and salty, prefer it so those are right up my alley. Can I ask where you get the chocolate? I’ve never used it before.
    have a great day, Lisa

    1. Thanks Lisa! You should be able to get the chocolate bark at a grocery store in the baking section. Let us know how they turn out 🙂

  2. These are some of my favorite cookies, but I totally cheat and buy the chocolate covered Ritz crackers and slap some peanut butter between them… not quite as good as homemade but close enough!!!

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