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Painted Wing Chair – Our Most Popular Project

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Painted Wing Chair – Our Most Popular Project.

Almost 6 years ago I painted an upholstered purple and olive green plaid wing chair. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? It didn’t match anything in my home decor and there was no budget for reupholstery. Probably upwards of $700 with fabric and labor. The chair was in great shape so I decided to keep it instead of donating it.I had nothing to lose by trying to paint the fabric. Little did I know how popular that painted wing chair post would be – it’s our most popular popular project ever. It has been Pinned on Pinterest more than 500K times!

Not a week goes by that we don’t get at least one comment or email asking us a question about the painted wing chair. What does the fabric really feel like? Does the painted finish crack? Has the paint held up? Is it really paint?

Since there is so much interest, I thought that this would be a great time to share an update of the painted wing chair -our most popular project to date. Just for the full visual effect, here is the fabulous “before” photo:

And here she is in glorious creamy white paint. Those dots across the back are from the sunshine and the blinds – sorry I didn’t see them until I was actually writing this post.

How Does It Feel?

I pinky-swear promise that I sit in this chair every single day. It feels buttery soft – like a very soft and pliable canvas.

Even this past weekend friends came over to watch football and this chair was sat in the entire time.

Not A Flake

You can see that there is no chipping or crazing of the paint.


In the close-up photos you can clearly see that there are no issues with dirt, cracking or anything else.

At Christmastime this chair had a lot of use – even from tiny 8-month-old hands that were using the chair as a pull-up spot.

I don’t want to be dramatic and exaggerate and say that the chair looks brand new, but…LOL.

You can draw your own conclusion.

My best advice is –  if you have a chair in your home that you’re thinking about getting rid of, you just might want to give this a try.

A painted wing chair is an economical solution, and there is a reason why it is our most popular project.

You can read the full TUTORIAL HERE. If you have any questions, just leave a comment below.

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  1. This is still one of my all-time favorite posts you guys have done! The transformation is totally bananas. I mean, it does not even look like the same chair, you guys. I love that it’s holding up so well and that it’s neutral color allows you to stay true to your signature style too. Everything about it is gorgeous. Hugs, CoCo

    1. CoCo – Right? It makes us want to find another wing chair and paint another one! Truly – it is worth the effort. We appreciate you so much! Love!

      Vicki and Jenn

  2. Hi ladies, you have done a great job on this piece., well all your pieces. I have a Wing back that I have done too. So here is the question can I repaint this piece? I just want a little color chair!

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