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Painted Wagon Makeover – Would You Have Done It

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Some of you might think this painted wagon makeover is a bit of a sin.

Please let me plead my case and the method to my madness before you start casting stones LOL. You see, I have had this adorable Radio Flyer Little Red toy wagon for at least 10 years now. In the box. Never taken out or put together. It was a purchase I made when out shopping one day with my mom before she passed. Back then this wagon was only $7 – can you believe it?

I don’t even know why I bought it. Have you ever done that? I can still hear my mother saying to me “What in the world are you going to do with that?” It’s true – mom’s always right. And then it sat in my garage at the old house, until it moved to my current garage. Last week I was out there rummaging around for items to take to my booth when I came across this box.

Still like new.

Right then and there I decided enough is enough. The time had finally come where something did need to be done with this toy wagon. How utterly ridiculous to keep this in the box and never do anything with it. Part of the issue for me is obvious, well beside the fact that this is a toy 🙂 The wagon is new, bright, shiny and red. None of these would describe me or my style, except for maybe my lipstick.

Most of the wagon is plastic and flimsy. It took a bit of work to put together too. This made me more assured of my decision. Again I realize this painted wagon makeover is a personal decision to alter, but I am so glad I did!

I used chalk paints in the colors of Old White for the body and Graphite for the handle. I added a little bit of paint and old wax to the wheels to give the appearance of mud.

Here you can see just how small this wagon really is. Oh, and how cute it is with its new look!

Now my sweet wagon will be used all of the time in seasonal decor. Definitely as fall progresses there will be pumpkins and maybe some gourds displayed.


This will look cute at Christmastime too with little trees or ornaments.

So I hope that I am forgiven for painting a Radio Flyer toy. Now this little painted wagon makeover  will get used more than ever before.

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Come back tomorrow as I have been making some progress on the guest bedroom!


  1. Love the wagon painted!

  2. Suzanne Lee says:

    Forgiven my foot. It is your wagon to do with as you please and what a grand idea.
    I will be looking for one to do this for myself.
    Even a big one would be good as my husband has some saved huge bears to ride in it.

    1. You have made our day Suzanne Lee! Thank you so very much. Sometimes you just never know how people will react, but we too agree. And we do love the new look because we will be using the wagon all of the time now. Thanks for your support! If you do make over a wagon we would love to see it.

  3. Vee Muller says:

    I have a little metal red wagon just this size. My dear dad used to pull it behind him when he was doing his Putt Putt the Clown gigs. Every time I see it I remember him walking down the middle of my street in Philadelphia, pulling his wagon followed by a bunch of kids! It now has a home with us in New Mexico! Think I’ll put a potted mum in it on my porch for the fall. Thanks for the post. Your wagon looks great!

  4. What a cute way to store so many pretty pumpkins! I love how you aged the wheels too. Hugs, CoCo

  5. It looks so cute painted! I didn’t realize how small it is until I spotted the picture of it on your mantel. This is going to be really cute at Christmas filled with greenery.

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