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Master Bedroom Closet – One Room Challenge Week 3

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Hey y’all…so glad that you are here today, because we could use your moral support. For us this One Room Challenge is no joking matter. How can it possibly already be Week 3 of our Master Bedroom Closet makeover? We feel like we are just getting started and finally hitting our stride.

You know how we always say in an almost bragging manner how alike we are? How it’s like we share a brain especially when it comes to our design ideas? Then we knockout our project in record time and toast each other with a tall glass of Persecco belting out Demi Lovato’s “Confident” at the top of our lungs. Well…this has not been that week!

Our biggest struggle has been the lack of time together. Jenn’s day job has had some demanding hours for the past couple of months. Vicki’s time was consumed with getting her home ready for the real estate market…and now subsequently moving in about three weeks EEK. In retrospect this probably wasn’t the ideal time to tackle a project LOL. But we are not quitters and Jenn desperately needs a closet. We dusted ourselves off, shifted our energies and got back on track.

As a reminder, this is where we left off last week. The new flooring was added to the closet…


Being that we had to change our flooring plans last week we soon realized that we could no longer do a weathered wood feature wall. Whomp whomp. We felt it would look like a continuation of the floor climbing up on the wall and neither one of us liked that effect. We conferenced and decided that even with paint our overall design would still look great. Jenn decided on a gorgeous blue/gray/graphite paint color by Behr called Poppy Seed.

Can we just interject here that this is a case-and-point example of how we roll? Most people go out and buy 5-10 test pot samples of paint colors to try out on their walls. Not us…we each looked at paint colors on store websites and texted our faves to each other. Jenn made the ultimate decision because it is her home. She had a tiny freakout moment in the middle of the Home Depot paint chip samples. It was Friday night, she was in the “blue” section and could not find the sample card. She soon discovered that this paint was part of the gray/graphite section. After a quick convo and with assurance that gray and copper look fab together she purchased the paint…and we were back on track – again! Isn’t it pretty?

Poppy Seed Paint

What a great decision it was too…it looks gorgeous on the feature wall! We just need to do some touch-ups in the edges…this 1901 former-porch is not plumb LOL.

One Room Challenge - Master Bedroom Closet

The paint color changes with the light – it can pass for navy, gray or charcoal. We think it looks fabulous with the copper! Speaking of copper, we also completed this DIY copper shelf  and one of the clothes rods. It’s really starting to look like a master bedroom closet now!

One Room Challenge - Master Bedroom Closet

There were definitely a few tears of frustration with this rod. It seemed so easy to do this while we dreamed it up in our heads. It was quite a different story piecing it together and getting it on the wall. We didn’t realize that one of the end pieces slips inside the rod by a ½ inch. Which meant that the copper rod that we had just learned how to cut by ourselves was now one inch too short. Back to the hardware store for extenders.

One Room Challenge - Master Bedroom Closet

We plan to hang one or two more rods on the side wall.

One Room Challenge - Master Bedroom Closet


One Room Challenge - Master Bedroom Closet

Doesn’t it look like this blazer was made for this closet?

One Room Challenge - Master Bedroom Closet

We definitely learned a lot this week…patience, the ability to accept change and shift and that laughter really is the best medicine. We also learned how to cut copper pipe, how to create a clothes rod from scratch and how to make a creative copper shelf.

One Room Challenge - Master Bedroom Closet

Next week will be all about the furniture! Don’t forget to stop in tomorrow for the details and tutorial on how we made a copper wrapped shelf! Also, be sure to visit Calling it Home for other great One Room Challenge ideas.

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XO~Vicki and Jenn


  1. I love the copper against the new wall color! I laughed when I read about sample pots – I never, never get samples for my walls, and always, always have mini freak-outs at the hardware store and/or when I first start putting up the new color. I LOVE the color you both picked out!!

  2. Kendra @ www.joyinourhome.com says:

    That paint color is gorgeous! Sorry about your frustration girls…. I can totally relate! You’re doing awesome and I can’t wait to see what this next week brings! Hugs!

  3. I love the paint color1
    This is so much fun to follow your progress! You are well on your way and everything is lovely.
    I hope you will share this today at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.
    Just stop by my blog to join in.
    Enjoyed visiting,
    White Spray Paint

  4. That color is AMAZING with the copper! Such a perfect choice! Even though it was a rough week, you still moved forward. I sure don’t envy you guys trying to balance this with extra hours at work AND moving. Yikes!

  5. It’s looking great, and I love the blue with the copper. Hope things are a little calmer during the next few weeks, although moving is never very calm!

  6. Wow, loving those colors. Looking forward to the shelf post to see the how to on that. Looking great girls. You guys are amazing. I know the stress you are under since I just moved a few months ago.

  7. I’m loving the copper and wall color together! Perfect choice! The fact that you ladies can pull yourselves together to get this done with all that’s going on is super impressive. Just goes to show how great the bond between the two of you is! I love it!

  8. The color is great and it goes very well with the copper accents you chose.

    Go, go, go, you can do it! 🙂

  9. Love it! You two are amazing. Can’t wait to see the next project!

  10. This looks awesome! The hardwood floors look so good with the wall color. These photographs really capture the tidy, neat look that every closet needs. Great job! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

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