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One Room Challenge She Shed Reveal

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The day is finally here when we get to show you all of our hard work. We transformed our storage shed, which was a hot mess, into a She Shed. It was definitely a big task to take on in just six weeks for the One Room Challenge, but we were excited to get to work. There have been some late nights, Plan B’s that had to be created when Plan A’s didn’t work and some panicked moments. All in all we had a fun time working on this DIY project. The She Shed is now a perfect place for entertaining, as well as a relaxing retreat space.

Here is what we were working with at the beginning. First we had to take everything out of the shed, which let me tell you was a blast haha!

She Shed Makeover for One Room Challenge

DIY She Shed One Room Challenge

And now for the reveal…welcome to The Hive! We are so in love with this space and I think we’ll be spending quite a bit of time in here.

She Shed Reveal. One Room Challenge.

We added some evergreens, installed some window boxes, oh and built a deck! The shed really does look like a little cottage.

She Shed Reveal. One Room Challenge.

Voila! The interior of our adorable little hive.

She Shed Reveal. One Room Challenge.


She Shed Reveal. One Room Challenge.

We got these lanterns from IKEA for only $15 a piece…such a great little addition.

She Shed Reveal. One Room Challenge.

We are so in love with this space! It’s cozy with farmhouse and rustic touches. It really is such a great space for entertaining or curling up with a good book.

She Shed Reveal. One Room Challenge.


Tobacco baskets are hard to come by and when you do, they are so expensive. Luckily for us, we got a great deal on this one from a small little antique store in Bishop, GA. And these shutters we have had for years that we got from an estate sale.

She Shed Reveal. One Room Challenge.


She Shed Reveal. One Room Challenge.

She Shed Reveal. One Room Challenge.

Isn’t our gallery wall of cows precious? Two of the prints came from Minted, and the other one we’ve had in our stash. Can we also talk about this gorgeous rug from Nuloom…in love!

She Shed Reveal. One Room Challenge.


She Shed Reveal. One Room Challenge.

This bee skep is perfect for The Hive and helps fill some empty space by hanging it.

She Shed Reveal. One Room Challenge.

So, this metal shelf was in the shed when we purchased the home. We decided to make it work in the she shed and we gotta say it does fit right in. On a recent trip to the mountains, we found this awesome feeds print that we couldn’t pass up.



The image in the frame is actually a post card of what our neighborhood looked like in the 1920’s. It was fun being able to incorporate a little nostalgia of Grant Park.

She Shed Reveal. One Room Challenge.

She Shed Reveal. One Room Challenge.

Since we love to travel, this cork globe from Uncommon Goods is a great addition to the shelves. We added pushpins to places we have traveled.

She Shed Reveal. One Room Challenge.

Now for the part of the She Shed that will likely have the most amount of people around it…the bar! We made the chalkboard window years ago, but it’s always been under utilized, so it made us happy to include it into the bar area.

She Shed Reveal. One Room Challenge.

To the left is easy and inexpensive artwork we created to add a little more pop of color.

She Shed Reveal. One Room Challenge.


She Shed Reveal. One Room Challenge.


She Shed Reveal. One Room Challenge.

These glasses are another great find…it is a street map of Atlanta that even includes our historic neighborhood. Too cute!

She Shed Reveal. One Room Challenge.

She Shed Reveal. One Room Challenge.

And we of course had to include a craft beer from one of our favorite local breweries 🙂

She Shed Reveal. One Room Challenge.


She Shed Reveal. One Room Challenge.

We are so in love with our She Shed makeover and can’t wait to have friends and family over. The Hive will definitely be buzzing!

Also, be sure to visit Calling It Home to see the reveals of so many other great projects. So much inspiration!


XO, Jenn & Vicki

One Room Challenge She Shed Makeover

One Room Challenge She Shed Makeover



  1. {sigh} This is an absolute dream come true! I love, love, love everything about this gorgeous space!

  2. This transformation is modern and fun just like you Jenn! Love the splashes of color you’ve added and all the extra special accessories that make it personal too! Job well done on “The Hive” ladies, it’s fab! Hugs, CoCo

  3. Wow! What a wonderful transformation. It looks so comfortable and inviting. Great job ladies!

  4. Applause!!! Well done, ladies! It is absolutely beautiful and I dream of a space like this for my studio. My husband is a professional designer and always talks about turning a shipping container into a studio or office. I love the white walls and ceiling and especially the tobacco basket. I have been looking for one forever.

    Congratulations! All your hard work has paid off. Enjoy it!

  5. I cannot tell you how much I love this! Every detail is perfect!

  6. Oh my gosh, you guys! This space is precious! It’s so pretty and fun. It looks like such a great place to be!! I love it!!

  7. Bambi Mullinax says:

    I AM SPEECHLESS! (almost) This is one amazing makeover. I absolutely LOVE everything you’ve done. Wow, like I said speechless. And the name you picked “The Hive,” so, so perfect. Great, great, great job!

    1. Thank you so much Bambi! The hard work definitely paid off…you’ll need to come visit soon 🙂

  8. I would never have thought this would come out as beautiful as it did. Job well done!

  9. Bambi Mullinax says:

    I AM SPEECHLESS! (almost) What an amazing makeover. I absolutely LOVE everything you’ve done in this space. And the name “The Hive,” is so, so perfect. Wow, like I said speechless. Great, great, great job, Vicki and Jenn.

  10. oh my gosh, you guys!!!!! this is totally incredible! i want to come hang out! get me a cup of hot cider in a copper mug, and let me have a seat on that leather sofa with the latest issye of house beautiful…. so cozy!

  11. It looks so fabulous! What a wonderful place to hang out – I love it SO much!

  12. This is one of my absolute faves from the ORC this round. SOOO good. Bravo!

  13. No.1 I love this! No.2 Yay for Titos! No.3 That bar was a genius addition. The whole space looks like a rocking good time. Congrats on the room makeover!

  14. It’s gorgeous! I love the bar area, the hive, and the wall art! You will enjoy this comfy and stylish space so much! Amazing transformation!

  15. Oh my what a transformation. I love the space and everything you did to it. There is so much detail in that little shed, I just love it!!

  16. We both LOVE it. Question – Jordan wants to know where did you get the sofa? Sorry if we missed that info. Also, I am crazy about the bike pillow (Janette).

    Janette and Jordan

  17. Yes!! This is one reveal I’ve been dying to see!! Another She Shed of my dreams!! This is absolutely AH-MAY-ZING!!! Congrats on an excellent transformation!

  18. Oh my goodness, what a perfect She Shed!!! I LOVE that it’s called “The Hive” and love the bee skep! The bar turned out so well too! Love love love!

  19. Such a cool space! I love the cow art so much! The aqua shutters are so pretty. I love the bar. Hope you have a party in it soon!

  20. Wow this is amazing! You guys did an incredible job! And a bar?! I’ll be right over!

  21. Y’all! This is some kind of FUN!! I loved the exterior, but then the interior! That rug, the bar, the tobacco basket, the art! What a great place to relax and unwind or host a group of Atlanta bloggers!! LOL Party at The Hive! Love the glasses, too. So cool. Y’all did an amazing job! xo

  22. YEAH!!! I am totally blown away with the reveal. It look so sophisticated and what a great places to hang out! I want an invite. 🙂

  23. Kendra @ www.joyinourhome.com says:

    Ladies, you’ve Di e an amazing job! I love how bright and white it us now! That cow gallery wall is my favorite! So many personal touches! Wish I could come relax I’m there with yous! xo

  24. Y’all are amazing! I love every little detail but that Bee Skep! Love the HIVE! I’m coming over!

  25. This is incredible! I cannot believe how much this space has transformed. The outside is so cute and inviting (love those lanterns). And the inside is warm and cozy. You did an amazing job in here!

  26. I have been waiting for this reveal for 6 weeks and boy, y’all did not disappoint!! I’m completely blown away. It’s so stinkin cute and fun. I need a she shed now!

  27. This turned out fabulous! I’ll be right over for a Moscow Mule, please. I’m loving so many of the details – the tobacco basket and the rug kept stealing my attention though. Great job, ladies!!!

  28. This is SUCH a fun space!! Love the cow prints on the walls and those side tables! And the bar, what a fun happy hour sign! Enjoy your space!!

  29. You ladies thought of everything for this incredible She-Shed! A bar too — so clever! What a fun and creative transformation!

  30. Oh my gosh, I want one now! What a wonderful space to have! Y’all enjoy it! 🙂

  31. Chris Brock says:

    Wow girls! What a fun project to work on, love the she shed concept… Very clever! How fun it will be to decorate it for Christmas. A cool bee themed tree… XO Chris

  32. oh my word, this is amazing!! when can i come over?!! you gals did awesome! it’s so bright, fresh and such a cheerful space. i LOOOOOVE it!

  33. Jenn and Vicki..SO JEALOUS! I absolutely love that space and If I had one in my backyard…my family would have to really drag me out to do ‘mom stuff’. It is just fantastic and you finished just the perfect time of year…I know you will be enjoy some crisp fall evenings with the doors wide open! Oh, have fun!

    Well done ladies!

    Hugs, LYnn

  34. Everything about The Hive is gorgeous, but my favorite part is the bar 😀 Oh, and your gorgeous new rug!! Amazing job, ladies!

  35. What a lovely, cheerful transformation! Beautiful work!!

  36. OK, this is too cute! Now I want a shed in my backyard!!! Great find on the tobacco basket, I’ve been searching for a reasonably priced one forever.

  37. Oh my goodness! I am in love with this precious room. What a fun space to hang out in! So peaceful…

  38. I love how wide your doors are! They make such a huge statement, and keep everything nice and bright!

  39. What can I say except. FANTASTIC JOB! This is such a wonderful space….I love the rustic feel and the bar area is perfect. You girls did a beautiful, amazing job as usual.

  40. you ladies did an absolutely fantastic job on your shed! I adore how you style it and it looks incredibly cozy! Those cow prints are so fun!!! Great job!

  41. Wow! That space is incredible! What a perfect space! I wish I had something like that that was just for me to go and be creative in!

  42. Jenn, you are one lucky lady! Although it’s not really luck when you both put in the hard work and awesome design ideas to make this a reality!! I adore the space, and all the vintage and personal touches you added to the room. One day I will score a tobacco basket…one day!

  43. Wow! I didn’t know I needed a She Shed until I saw this, but now I do! It looks amazing! I love all the decorative details, and the white makes it look so light and bright. Awesome!

  44. What a cute hangout space! So pretty and serene. I love, love, love the cork globe! I’ve never seen anything like that! Great job!

  45. I am back again and I glad I am, because the more i look at this space the more i see so many cool and amazing things that you have done.
    What a unique project.

  46. Wow this space is AMAZING!!! Love the bar area and all the pretty decor details! Fantastic makeover!

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