Meet Our New Family Member – Gus

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No one is more surprised than myself. We are so happy for you to meet our new family member, Gus!

Love at first sight isn’t just for people. Saturday afternoon I fell in love with the new man in my life, Gus. He’s adorable, has dreamboat hazel eyes and the softest chocolate and white hair. I am also dazzled by his charming personality, winning smile and affectionate snuggles! LOL 

Who can resist this sweet face? Certainly, not me! If you have been a longtime follower of 2 Bees, then you probably remember our perfect boy, Starbuck. We lost him when he was 14 ½ years old about 3 ½ years ago. Losing our beloved family pet was devastating as you can imagine. For 3 ½ years I have staunchly stated that I would never, ever have another dog. That part of my heart was sealed shut, never to be open again.

Honey Bee, Jenn, Kara and many extended family members urged me to own another dog. Even my brother Glenn tried to sway me when he and his family added a new puppy to their family. I just tamped down and suppressed these emotions – explaining it away that:

  • It’s too hard to own another dog
  • I can never love another dog like I loved Starbuck
  • The expense of pet ownership can be too much at times 
  • Many other reasons LOL

Everyone but me realized that I had a hole in my heart that needed to be filled. 

Look at that Face!

Please meet Gus, who has already filled that hole in my heart to overflowing!

I am so happy that everyone but me knew that Gus wouldn’t be a replacement, but rather an enhancement. Like Starbuck, Gus is a shihtzu adopted not far from our home. It was reported that he was the so-called runt of the litter and unbelievably no one else rescued him. Honey Bee gifted me this cutie as part of my birthday present. This is definitely a gift that keeps on giving…with love, joy and sunshine!

Shihtzu’s are known for their never-ending love, loyalty and companionship. They make the perfect lap-dog and are also wonderful around children. Another bonus is that they have hair, not fur. Therefore, no allergens or shedding of hair around the house. Currently sweet Gus is about 2 pounds and at maturity will be approximately 8 pounds.

This sweet boy has definitely stolen my heart and yes, I cried ugly tears when I first met him. His name, Gus, came to me the moment I saw him. It comes from the Disney animated movie, Cinderella. Do you remember the adorable, chubby little mouse Gus Gus? For some reason that image popped right into my head the second I met my pup. As the saying goes, the rest is history!


  1. Debra K Casebere says:

    We are so very happy for you and your family! Welcome to the hood, Gus!

  2. ColleenB.~ Tx. says:

    Cus is absolutely adorable and what a great companionship for you both.
    I like the picture of Cus with it’s paw in the air as if he’s waving Hi to everyone.

  3. ColleenB.-Tx. says:

    Sorry about putting Cus instead of Gus. Hubby repainted some of the keys on the keyboard and put a ‘C’ in place of a ‘G’.

  4. Darlene Marlow says:

    Congratulations on the new family member! I know he is loved beyond words already…I can’t wait to meet him 🤗

  5. Oh congratulations on the addition of your new boy, Gus! I absolutely love this breed and their characteristics. In 2004 our family gifted a female Shihtzu to my Dad. We actually chose the “runt” of the litter because of her extra sweet and gentle personality. She is still with us today, along with her same sweet loyal and loving personality! Enjoy your new bundle of love!!

  6. What a cutie pie!! I can see how Gus would steal your heart immediately. Also, I understand the reasons you waited – I have felt the same way since losing my Yorkie, Devin, 2 1/2 years ago. I’m just now ready to open my heart to another dog. Enjoy your little bundle of love and please post photos of him as he grows!!!

  7. Oh my word, you guys, I am SO excited for you! Seriously could that little thing be any cuter! I’m pretty sure you’re not going to get much done over the next several weeks because lots of play and snuggles will be in order. What a great birthday gift! Congratulations! Hugs, CoCo

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