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Master Bedroom Closet – One Room Challenge (week 5)

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Y’all we can’t believe we’re nearing the end of the One Room Challenge! If you remember last week, we were a little in melt down mode. But we picked ourselves off the floor (literally) and got a lot done last week. This weekend is the final push and we can’t wait to see it all come together.

This past weekend we added a second copper pipe for more hanging clothes. We had been trying to come up with a solution for this because the original plan was not working, but we’re so happy with how it turned out. This leaves enough room for long dresses, shirts, etc. on the left side.



Then we added in the furniture we’ve been working on, which is a dresser and two bookcases. We painted them both in Annie Sloan pure white chalk paint and love how they look. You’ll be able to see them in more detail next week…we can’t give too much away before the big reveal ☺️



This room is literally like a fun room. Sometimes when we’re standing in it, we can’t tell what’s level haha. The bookshelf on the right needs to be secured to the wall or else we’re worried it will fall over. It sits off the wall pretty far as you can see…


This weekend we’ll be adding light fixtures, curtains, and accessories, which is the really fun part! Not to mention it will be nice to get all of the clothes and clutter out of the master bedroom. Between working a full time job and mom selling their house and getting ready to move, this has definitely been a challenge to get this closet done, but at the end of the day it is so worth it. We cannot wait for everything to come together and see all of the work we’ve done come to fruition. Be sure to visit us next Thursday to see the completed Master Bedroom Closet!!! And be sure to visit Calling it Home to see what everyone else has been up to as well.



  1. You guys have made TONS of progress this week! I love love love the direction you’re headed and I can’t wait to see our vision come to life. It’s going to be gorgeous! Hugs, CoCo

    1. YES…and it felt so good to get so much accomplished…we were worried there for awhile! Thanks CoCo!

  2. Things look like they’re coming together. I can’t wait to see the big reveal, Ladies!

  3. Looks like it is coming together.

  4. Looking good!! Can’t wait to see the finale. You two are rocking it!

    1. Hey Angie – so good to hear from you! We hope we make it to the finale LOL. Hope you are doing well. Cheers to a great weekend!

  5. Very classy adding the copper pipe for hanging the clothes, not only is that durable its looks very industrial chic. I cannot believe how fast this challenge went. Look forward in seeing your reveal. Hugs Maria

    1. Hi Maria – thank you so very much. It was touch and go for us the first four weeks LOL. We finally got some things figured out and we love the copper. Best wishes for your project too!

  6. Wow, is looking so fab! Can’t wait to see the room pulled together for reveal day! Let’s do this! XOXO, Sarah

  7. I’m so excited to see the finished closet! The glimpse of the dresser looks beautiful, and great idea with the bent copper pipe on the bottom row.

    1. Thank you so much Sharon. This little space has given us fits! Fingers crossed that we are completed next week!

  8. Oh the storage is SO good and I can’t wait for the reveal! I love the direction the space is going in. As a fellow ORC participant it’s been wonderful to gather some fantastic inspiration. I’d love for you to share your progress at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. Our readers would love to see it. The gathering is at http://www.decortoadore.net

    1. Thank you so much Laura! We have definitely learned a lot through this experience. We have loved following your progress. Can’t wait to check out Thoughts of Home!

  9. Ohhhhh you had a great week!! I can’t wait to see the reveal. It looks amazing!!! I love the copper pipe too! Great idea 🙂

  10. I love the copper pipe idea, so smart! I hear you on the challenge part, between working my day job and remodeling a kitchen, it’s getting a little crazy over here. I look forward to seeing your reveal!

    1. Hi Roxanne – having a day job and doing the ORC is an added challenge for sure! And a kitchen makeover is a big deal LOL. We can’t wait to see your reveal. Cheers to a great week!

  11. It looks like your closet is coming along – I love the glimpse I got of the dresser!! I can’t wait to see your final reveal next week. Good luck on this home stretch!!

    1. Hey Jenny! – Gosh this closet has been a challenge but we are so happy that it is finally coming together! We are all on the home stretch now. Cheers to a great week until the reveal!

  12. It’s looking so, so good! Can’t wait to see it finished next week!

    1. Hey Linda – thank you so much. We have been so excited to participate in our first ORC and can’t wait for the big reveal!

  13. This is looking great!!! Can’t wait to see it come together! I’m definitely not going to be done this time around 🙁 But I tried! lol.

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