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How to Make a Candle in a Coffee Mug

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You can easily create a candle with your favorite scent and custom container. Here is how to make a candle in a coffee mug.

I love candles that are in unusual containers – Dough bowls, teacups, brass bowl and more. This is the best project for singular mugs that have no mates. I pulled this treasured Blue Willow mug from the kitchen cupboard. Here is how to make a candle in a coffee mug.

Find the perfect coffee mug for your candle

Yes, this is an authentic Blue Willow mug from the 1920’s. I know it may seem crazy to use this vintage treasure to make a candle with, but please hear me out. This is the only mug that I have. Secondly, being that this mug is from the 1920’s it is documented to be laced heavily with lead. So many china pieces and dish ware in this era are unusable for this reason. So, instead of keeping this beautiful mug locked away in a cabinet, I chose to make it into a candle vessel and display it in my home.

If you don’t have a mug for this project – no worries!, Here are some other great container vessels for this candle-making method.

Candle Container Ideas

You Will Need These Supplies


Expect to use about 1520 drops of essential oil per 1 pound of melted wax. There are also oils created especially for candle making. These can be found online or in craft stores. Natural sources of scent such as cinnamon, clove, citrus zest, rosemary or lavender may be added as well. Never use cooking extracts for candle making. They burn off quickly and are not safe for this project.

Display it proudly

The coffee mug candle fits in perfectly on my fall mantel – which you will see tomorrow!

The essential oils that I used are clove, orange and cinnamon bark. Perfect fragrance for the fall season.

My home smells warm, cozy and inviting!

I hope you give candle-making a try. This really is a fun and easy project. Once you have the supplies, you can makes lots of candles for your home or as gifts for family and friends!

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