Homemade Chalk Paint and a Table Makeover…

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Okay…you asked for it and we heard you loud and clear. You have emailed us, left messages and comments wanting to know our go-to chalk paint and how to use it. So this is for all of you 🙂

Our chalk paint is a DIY homemade recipe. We concocted this recipe a few years ago when Jennifer lived in her first home in North Carolina. Name brand chalk paints were all the rage but, we wanted to use different colors of paint and we were on a limited budget. I contacted my brother, Glenn to ask his expert advise because – A) He owns his own contracting business and B) I trust him. I explained our painting projects and asked for his expertise. Glenn recommended mixing Plaster of Paris in latex paint. After a bit of trial and error this is what we came up with:

Homemade Chalk Paint Recipe:

  • 3 Parts latex paint
  • 1 Part Plaster of Paris
  • Water – used in small amounts

Plaster of Paris is sold in practically every hardware store and is approximately $6.00 and lasts a VERY long time.

We have painted countless pieces of furniture for our own homes as well as for friends and clients using this recipe.

Plaster of Paris is the key piece in making homemade chalk paint. DIY Chalk Paint.I love this method because I can mix paints from leftover projects. For this table makeover I measured the ingredients using a small Dixie cup 🙂

Table makeover with DIY chalk paint. Paster of Paris is the secret ingredient.Use 1 part Plaster of Paris for the DIY chalk paint. Furniture transformation with homemade chalk paint.Use a mason jar when making homemade chalk paint. It makes it easier to mix all the ingredients.I only added 2 tablespoons of water to create a “paste” and mixed it until very smooth in a Mason jar.

Homemade Chalk Paint and a Table Makeover. Create a paste with Plaster of Paris and water.I then added the paint to the plaster of Paris mixture, blending well.

Use any color when creating homemade chalk paint. Table makeover.Homemade Chalk Paint and a table makeover. Mix all the ingredients together for DIY chalk paint.Homemade Chalk Paint Recipe using Plaster of Paris, water and latex paint.

Why use this chalk paint?

  • Odorless, except for paint smell
  • Dries in 15-20 minutes
  • You can save leftover paint for at least three weeks – just remix thoroughly

A great thing about mixing this in a Mason jar is:

  • Great for shaking and mixing
  • Wonderful way to save and store the leftover paint

This is the table that I wanted to makeover. I know some of you may like this table just the way it was. I however, did not. I have had this table for over 15 years. It is not real wood and it is too ornate for my taste now. I’m not sure what it is made out of 🙂

This piece of furniture was in desperate need of a makeover. Homemade chalk paint recipe.Homemade Chalk Paint Recipe and a table makeover. Changing table decor.Homemade Chalk Paint Recipe using Plaster of Paris, water and latex paint. Knobs need to be updated.Bring a table from drab to fab with chalkpaint. Homemade recipe needs 3 ingredients.

This paint gave great coverage with just one coat and was completely dry in just 20 minutes!

Homemade Chalk Paint Recipe gives good coverage. It also dries fast.Homemade Chalk Paint Recipe using Plaster of Paris, water and latex paint.When the table was completely dry, I used paste wax all over the table top and drawers and just a little on the legs. I used a brush applying in a crosshatch pattern, repeating the process with dark wax. By applying clear wax first, it makes the dark wax application easier and very forgiving if you make a mistake and apply too much dark wax.

Homemade Chalk Paint Recipe using Plaster of Paris, water and latex paint.Homemade Chalk Paint Recipe using Plaster of Paris, water and latex paint.Dark wax application…

Homemade Chalk Paint Recipe using Plaster of Paris, water and latex paint.Homemade Chalk Paint Recipe using Plaster of Paris, water and latex paint.You can apply as little or as much dark wax as you like.

Homemade Chalk Paint Recipe using Plaster of Paris, water and latex paint.I made a mistake and removed the drawer pulls. I should have just left them on and painted over them. Yes – you can use chalk paint over furniture hardware!! I painted them separately.

Homemade Chalk Paint Recipe using Plaster of Paris, water and latex paint.Homemade Chalk Paint Recipe using Plaster of Paris, water and latex paint.Homemade Chalk Paint Recipe using Plaster of Paris, water and latex paint.Homemade Chalk Paint Recipe using Plaster of Paris, water and latex paint.Now, I love this table – it looks live a vintage piece of furniture.

Give chalk paint a try – or contact us and we will show you how 🙂

Homemade Chalk Paint Recipe using Plaster of Paris, water and latex paint.

Have a sunny day and happy painting!



  1. What a great recipe to have, chalk paint is so expensive! I will be trying this for sure. And the mixing in a jar tip is a great idea!

    1. Hey Karen – So glad you will give our chalk paint recipe a try – let us know how it goes 🙂

  2. Love this color and the easy to follow tutorial. The color options are limitless. You guys rock! Hugs for a happy day, Coco

    1. Hi CoCo – At first this recipe was came about when Jenn lived in North Carolina and there weren’t any stockists in the area. We’ve been happy with our results 🙂

  3. Pinned your homemade chalk paint recipe! Thanks so much for sharing it! We’ve been too chicken to make our own, but I’m getting ready to paint bedroom furniture for my youngest son and I want a specific color of dark navy for one of the pieces that I can’t find in pre-made chalk paint. I’ll just mix my own now!
    Btw, I love what you did with the table. It had an oriental look before which isn’t really my thing, and you totally transformed it into something gorgeous!

    1. Amy – We can’t thank you enough for being our cheerleader 🙂 Y’all have been using “the good stuff” so I’m not sure what you’ll think of this recipe – we’d love to hear your results! Navy blue will be wonderful in your son’s room – can’t wait to see what you create for him!

      The table we painted was very inexpensive and in desperate need of an update. It was the first piece of furniture we sold in our booth 🙂

  4. Liz Bonin says:

    Love how the table turned out! Thanks for sharing your paint recipe!

  5. I can’t wait to give this a try! Pinned. Thanks for sharing such a great tip. Your table looks lovely!

    1. Hey Beverly – Thank you so very much! Let us know what you paint and how it turns out!

  6. Vicki, WOW the table turned out beautiful and I LOVE the color. Thanks for sharing your chalk paint recipe as I need it and want to try it soon. What a difference some paint can make and your table looks so lovely and vintage. have a great day xo Lisa

    1. You’re so sweet Lisa – thank you! We hope you do give this paint recipe a try. We always say a little bit of paint makes a big impact! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you so very much! We like this recipe because we can use any paint color that we want! We appreciate you stopping by 🙂

  7. Yay for this post ~ perfect timing! I need a small amount of chalk paint in a specific color to complete an item on my list ~ so you have made my day. Love this table update, and even the little brass tassel pulls 🙂 Well done as always ladies!! Bwg ~~~

  8. This is very similar to the DIY recipe I use and love. It is so great to be able to use up all the various cans of paint I have sitting in the basement. The color you painted this table is perfect and those tassel handles are so unique!!!! Hope you have a fantastic Easter weekend girls!

  9. I’ve never tried to make my own chalk paint but I totally want to try now! I love that table makeover! Anything lighter and brighter is right up my alley! I’m not surprised it sold at your booth! Hope you have a great Easter weekend, ladies!

  10. I make my own chalk paint too and I have to say I love it! It works great and it saves me so much money! Thank you for sharing!


  11. Perfect reading for me, too, as I am going to take the big step with chalk paint and try it on a church pew. Cannot wait! I was also so happy you shared the wax part of it. Just curious…..when you mentioned the dark wax….what kind/brand was that? Then I think all of my questions are answered and I am ready to go shopping and then set it all up to get to work.

  12. Heather J says:

    I wanted to thank you so much for posting this recipe. I have been looking at the expensive paint brands online like a kid in a candy store but just can’t pay that much for it. So I am so thrilled that you guys were kind enough to share this with those of us who can’t pay that amount for expensive brands. Thank you, thank you thank you! And your table looks gorgeous! I like it much better than before. Its a very sweet table now:)
    God bless!
    Heather J

  13. Paula Brown says:

    Hi, I also make chalk paint and Love It!!! I was wondering since your table was not wood, did you have to prime it before you painted it, some people say even with chalk paint that if you are painting over laminate you should apply a primer before painting because it can scratch off easily.

  14. I LOVE this recipe! I’m totally going to make my own and try to match the Paris Grey from Annie Sloan that you suggested last week for the dresser. Thanks for the recipe. 🙂

  15. You ladies do great work. Thanks for the chalk paint recipe. I bought Annie Sloan. Way too expensive.

  16. I love it! Is there a specific latex paint I should use in order to get match Old White?

  17. Hi! I love your recipe and can’t wait to try! Is this only flat paint or could it work for satin? Just curious! Thanks so much!

    1. Hey Emily…thanks so much for asking! The paint should be flat latex to create the chalky style paint effect. Satin paint tends to be a tad shiny and in our experience won’t adhere well to the furniture.

      If you have any other questions we would be glad to help. Good Luck!

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