Girl’s Weekend Getaway in Franklin TN

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Our whirlwind Girl’s Weekend Getaway in Franklin TN.

This truly was a whirlwind girl’s weekend getaway in Franklin TN. By whirlwind we mean that we were there for less than 36 hours. Needless to say we made the most of our time together and of our limited time in this fabulous town. We lost count of how many times we asked each other “Why haven’t we been here before?” Downtown Franklin, TN has a variety of shopping, restaurants and entertainment to keep you and your girlfriends happy and busy during your stay.

Even the surrounding area of Franklin is beautiful. The countryside is absolutely gorgeous and dotted with farms and rolling hills.

We opted to stay a bit out of town during this trip. If you had a chance to read our post on Friday, So Close to Amazing Standing Next to KariAnne, part of this trip we were in Kentucky! That’s why it was a whirlwind. Please forgive our iPhone photos – we tried to get a really good shot of these sheep, but this herding dog takes his job very seriously LOL.

Our morning view.


Being that we were on very limited time, we shopped like it was an olympic sport. We did some online research to target which shops we wanted to visit. We mapped out a plan and a route and pretty much stuck with it. Getting around town was very easy and all of the shops were within a fairly close driving distance of each other.

White’s Mercantile

Oh my word this was the best shop. It’s like a modern day general store. We each purchased fun food items, gifts and of course must-haves for ourselves.

BTW – this establishment is owned by country singer Hank Williams, Jr.’s daughter, Holly Williams. She is an accomplished country artist too. Here’s the link to the store if you want more info White’s Mercantile. Love their vintage typography bags too!

Tin Cottage

It was chockfull of lifestyle home decor and we wanted one of everything! Lots of farmhouse and cottage temptations. Yes, we were tempted and purchased. Tomorrow you will see one of our purchases in our fall tablescape! Here’s their link: Tin Cottage


Five Daughters Bakery

Y’all…this is the doughnut of all doughnut shops. And we pride ourselves on being doughnut connoisseurs. We are here to tell you we were schooled. This is truly a family owned (yes, they really do have 5 daughters) and operated bakery inside The Factory in Franklin.

And these are 100 layer doughnuts – and incredibly delicious! So amazing. Five Daughters Bakery

On our way out of town Sunday morning we treated ourselves to a delicious breakfast at Franklin Mercantile Deli. You know it’s a fantastic breakfast menu if you can’t make up your mind of which item you want!

Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant

Delicious stick-to-your-ribs barbecue and southern comfort food. We were also fortunate that on the evening that we were there was a live bluegrass performance! Below is just a very small snippet of what we got to enjoy. Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant

No, we didn’t partake of what was inside this building as we passed by too early in the morning. We loved the weathered wood and red door.

Rest & Relaxation

Even though our girls weekend getaway in Franklin TN was limited, you can see that we accomplished a lot. We even managed evening R&R in this beautiful setting.

Don’t we both looked relaxed? We had so much fun. Whenever we have these opportunities to be together we don’t take them for granted.

Franklin TN is truly the perfect setting and town for a fun getaway. We have already talked about coming back for a return trip when we have more time.

Can we tell you how super giddy we were when we spotted these beauties on our way out of town? I think we may have shrieked out loud. We loaded up the back of the SUV like a couple of crazy ladies. As of right now there are not any pumpkins in our area so this is a big deal to us LOL. These pumpkins are huge and only $4 each!!

As we left town we discussed all of the fun we had. We’ll be back Franklin! We loved our Girl’s Weekend Getaway in Franklin TN!

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  1. Where did u buy the pumpkins?

    1. Hey Mildred – they were in front of the Kroger grocery store. Do you live in Franklin?

  2. This looks like such a fun trip ladies! I love all the pastoral scenery and those shops look amazing. I’m really glad you both had a chance to get away and relax. The best memories are made from trips just like these. Hugs, CoCo PS: How amazing is that back patio/yard area? Love!

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