Essentials for a Girl’s Weekend

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Today I leave for Las Vegas for my bachelorette weekend and I couldn’t be more excited! It is just the getaway I need from all of the stress and to have fun with my girls!  There will definitely be time spent relaxing by the pool, eating good food, gambling, dancing, drinking and the list could go on 🙂  I thought I would share with you what my essentials for a girl’s weekend include!

Essentials for a Girl's Weekend - Makeup Wipes, Cocktail Dress, Prosecco, Lip Balm, Acessories, The Nesting Place book, Sunscreen, Perfect Playlist

1. The Perfect Playlist – Music is so important to me and I love to create playlists everytime my friends and I go on a trip together.  It typically contains fun music we can dance to while we get ready or when we’re by the pool.  I love to make everyone a cd of the songs as a fun memento from the trip.

2. Sunscreen – I unfortunately have to lather on spf 70, which sometimes really pains me, but it is essential so I don’t have an allergic reaction and become a Debbie Downer the rest of the trip 🙂

3. Lip Balm – I don’t know about  you, but I apply this stuff multiple times a day. My favorite is, surprise, Savannah Bee Co. Earl Grey. This stuff is the best!

4. Cocktail Dresses – These are essential when going out on the town.  I like to refer to them as “Vegas Dresses” because I would only ever wear them in Vegas, haha!

5. Accessories – You can’t leave home without your necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, clutches, etc.!

5. Prosecco – I don’t know why, but most girl’s weekends include the partaking of this special bev.

6. Yes To Makeup Wipes- I absolutely love these! They are perfect for when we come back from dancing…they are so refreshing and a great cleanser to use before I get in bed.

7. Moisturizer – Since I have to shield myself from the sun, I like to use Jergen’s Natural Glow.

8. A Good Book – For the plane ride or for relaxing by the pool, I like to catch up on my neglected reading list.  I just got The Nesting Place and can’t wait to read it!

What do you usually pack for a fun girls weekend?!


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  1. These are great! I hope you have so much fun on this trip, you’ve been working really hard and if anyone deserves a break its you lady 🙂

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