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Find Decor Inspiration

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I find decor inspiration in a variety of ways. Typically, I have a wealthy bank of ideas written down in a tattered notebook that I refer to often. This notebook is filled with to-do lists and a decor plan listed room-by-room. Also, I have a clear and definite wish list – painted kitchen cabinets, I’m looking at you.

Then, there are the occasions that I seem to lose my creativity and I can’t think of any good ideas. Often, I am asked “how do you come up with so many  ideas”? Here is a list of how I find decor inspiration in my everyday life.

Magazines, Catalogs and Books

The first home decor magazine that I ever picked up and leafed through was a Southern Living Magazine. I was a seven year old visiting my grandma’s house and the magazine was on the end table. Closing my eyes I can still clearly see the featured home – a bright white cottage with a wraparound porch. I was hooked and totally smitten with home decor and houses ever since.

Find Decor Inspiration

Books are a great way to capture decor inspiration. When I get the chance to visit the bookstore, I head to the clearance section in search of home decor and design books.

Find Decor Inspiration


Another great way that I find decor inspiration is in nature. Whether I’m out for a walk or driving down back country roads, my eyes are wide-open. Feathers, chippy wood, bird nests and wasp nests are my personal faves. Feathers gave me the inspiration to create a paper feather garland and a watercolor feather.

Find Decor Inspiration

Pinecones, twigs, rocks and leaves are great too. These items make for great vase fillers.

Find Decor Inspiration


Have you ever been out shopping and you suddenly picked up an item that you just had to bring home? Happens to me too – a lot. HomeGoods is my home decor happy place. Items are affordable, current and inventory changes often. One of these shopping trips typically jumpstarts my creative juices and gives me inspiration for my home.

Have you seen our post from the One Room Challenge? Most of the decor items came from HomeGoods. The obelisk became the light fixture. Other purchases are on the dresser and hanging on the wall.

Find Decor Inspiration

Farmhouse style is always fun to shop for.

Find Decor Inspiration


Find Decor Inspiration


This might be a super obvious choice, but I love Pinterest. Decor inspiration abounds and there are literally millions of ideas. Secret boards are a great way to start a collection of photos and ideas of home decor or room makeovers that you would like to do. Jenn and I each have secret boards for our own homes. My Dream Kitchen board is chock full of hopes and dreams. You can follow us on Pinterest HERE.

Easy DIY Fall Pillow. Find Decor Inspiration


This may not be an obvious way to find decor inspiration but it has definitely worked for me. Jenn gave me this adorable Queen Mum tea towel for Mother’s Day.

Find Decor Inspiration

I had the idea to create a pillow with it for my office.

Painted Wing Chair. Find Decor Inspiration

This fabulous fish is a gift from my bestie, Bambi. It became the inspiration for my gallery wall.

Find Decor Inspiration


Travel is a wonderful way to find decor inspiration. Whether it’s a trip to the beach, mountains or just up the road – being in a new surrounding spurs the creativity. This photo showed me that I needed blue decor in my life.

Find Decor Inspiration

Love the mixture of turquoise and gray.

Find Decor Inspiration

Inspiration is all around us…we just need to look for it. How do you find decor inspiration?

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Find Decor Inspiration


  1. These are all great ideas! I love the travel photos- omg magazine worthy! Hugs, CoCo

  2. These are fantastic tips! There’s this little town near us with a ton of unique junk and home decor shops. An afternoon walking through the shops there always gets my creativity flowing. And HomeGoods is totally my happy place too! Hope you’re both having a fantastic week <3.

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