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Fabric Covered Carrots – Dollar Tree Makeover

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Fabric Covered Carrots – Dollar Tree Makeover

Some of our most popular posts are items we makeover from the dollar store. There is something so fun and exciting in these transformations. Today we share our fabric covered carrots – Dollar Tree makeover style!

Until recently, I hadn’t visited a Dollar Tree store in over a year! It’s not like I shop here all of the time, but I would visit every couple of months. This typically coincided with the change of the seasons. I love to browse and spark my creativity. Past projects include Chalk Painted Trays with French Graphics, Painted Garden Planters and Spring Coffee Table Vignette Thanks to Dollar Tree Inspiration. Today’s inspiration is provided by this packet of cute yarn-wrapped carrots. Six (6) carrots for just $1 – I purchased two packs.

Don’t get me wrong…the carrots are perfectly fine as-is. I just wanted something a bit different, and didn’t want to spend a lot of money.


  • Dollar Tree carrots
  • Fabric scrap of your choice. It doesn’t take much at all
  • Hot glue
  • Natural raffia

First, I removed the green stem. The center of the carrot is made of a styrofoam, so removal was easy. All I had to do was gently pull.

Next, I gathered raffia pieces and began making new stems.

I wrapped a few pieces together and made an easy knot.

Now it’s time to wrap the carrots. Admittedly, this part took some trial and error. Who knew that wrapping a carrot would be the hardest part? LOL Eventually I found that a quarter-circle shape worked best. Plus the glue gun was my friend – making it easy to hold the fabric edges in place. Just be careful to not burn yourself! 

I glued the top of the carrot last, tucking the fabric over itself – almost like a tuft. Then I glued on the new raffia stem. Once I found my groove, it took me just 20 minutes to make 12 of these fabric covered carrots.

For now, I am displaying them in an oversized bird nest with fern greenery.

These would make for cute name cards for the Easter table – or included in Easter baskets!

This cutie was created by happenstance. Someone broke the base of the bird, so he is no longer free-standing. The peg of the base worked perfectly tucked into these hyacinth bulbs. 

All-in, this Dollar Tree makeover cost me just $2 for the carrots. Everything else I had on-hand. 

Hopefully you have been inspired in some small way today. Have you been to the Dollar Tree lately? We would love to hear about it!

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