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Easy Fall Centerpiece – Perfect For Any Table

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Working my way around the house adding autumnal touches in the living spaces. Creating an easy fall centerpiece is a perfect way of having a display that can be moved from room to room.

With seasonal and holiday decor I prefer pieces that can be used again and again. When I make centerpieces, vignettes and wreaths, I make them so that they can be dismantled. These decorative pieces can easily be taken apart and reused later. Today’s easy fall centerpiece is a perfect example.

Of course it’s a wooden box

Looks are everything, at least in this situation. This fantastic French olive oil box is practically brand new. I purchased it a few years ago on a clearance rack from H&M for just a few dollars. Pretty terrific, right?

When thinking of a tabletop centerpiece you want to use a vessel that is unique. I didn’t want anything too large, but I wanted to be sure it would be appropriate for the dining table as well as coffee table or an end table.

Next, I went through my Fall container and gathered bits and pieces that I thought might look good together.

Most of this silk foliage is from the dollar store. Once it is mixed and matched with other pieces they look great.

Pass the Wine

I filled the container approximately halfway with wine corks. These are perfect stabilizers for the floral stems. Remember what I said about temporary decor? No glue or tape is necessary with this centerpiece.

Cutting the wire stems wasn’t necessary either. I simply bent and curved the wires to the desired height. Placing the stems deeply into the wine corks stabilizes the stems in place. Feel free to add more corks when necessary. I kept adding flowers, berries, vines and sticks until I achieved the overall look that I was happy with.

Take a Bow

In just a few minutes time this is what I created.

Materials Used

It didn’t take much to create this lush display – only 5 large silk flowers, 1 silk vine divided apart, 1 berry vine and 2 sticks.




Vines look pretty trailing down the sides of the box. Separating and twisting them a bit makes them look more authentic.

My easy fall centerpiece could seriously not be any easier to create. I look forward to using it throughout the season.

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  1. What a beautiful way to welcome Fall on any table! I love how whimsical those twigs are and the pops of orange are perfection. Great job ladies! Hugs, CoCo

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