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DIY Moss Topiaries in 30 Seconds

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Hey y’all…I am super excited about today’s project! It marries together a lot of my favorite things…moss, galvanized metal and items found in nature. But the very best part…it takes just 30 seconds to create. This is of course after I collected all of my materials together. I know it seems too good to be true, but I promise you that’s all it takes. I timed myself 🙂 So, do you want to know how you can create DIY moss topiaries in 30 seconds? Good!

DIY Moss Topiaries in 30 Seconds

You know, sometimes I just don’t feel like dragging out all of my craft supplies. I wanted to create something that didn’t require glue, adhesives, power tools or any other type of equipment. Lazy, right? I’m okay with that 🙂

Here’s the materials I used:

  • Moss balls.I already had the little one. The large one was purchased at Hobby Lobby. The price was $5.99 and I used a 40% coupon for a total of $3.60.
  • Straight sticks from my yard. Make sure they are substantial enough so that they don’t bend or break.
  • Containers of your choosing. The galvanized metal was leftover from a floral arrangement. The mini clay pot is from my collection.
  • Wine corks from my stash for stability.
  • Pebbles from the Dollar Tree. One bag was more than enough. $1.00

DIY Moss Topiaries in 30 Seconds

I carefully inserted the larger stick inside the moss ball. You want to be sure to do this part carefully so as not to tear the opening that you create. With this method there is no need for glue or adhesives.

DIY Moss Topiaries in 30 Seconds

Since I only have two hands I couldn’t photograph this exactly as I did it. Grab your empty container and add hold the stick with moss ball into the container. Add the wine corks around the stick until the stick does not shift out of place. There was no need to add corks to the smaller topiary.

DIY Moss Topiaries in 30 Seconds

Next, add the pebbles all the way around the stick for even more stability.

DIY Moss Topiaries in 30 Seconds

Literally 30 seconds later I had made a large and a small topiary!

DIY Moss Topiaries in 30 Seconds

I already have visions of creating more of the smaller ones for my Easter table as place settings.

DIY Moss Topiaries in 30 Seconds

Isn’t this bunny adorable?

DIY Moss Topiaries in 30 Seconds

I am thinking of other ways in use moss in my Spring decor.

DIY Moss Topiaries in 30 Seconds

Stay tuned to next week. If the projects turn out I will be sharing them here with y’all.

Until then…


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  1. I witnessed you doing this and still amazed how quickly you did it.

  2. So cute!!! Can’t believe it’s that quick! Loving the bunny too 🙂

  3. These are too cute! I love how easy they are to make yet offer a big decorating impact. Heading to pick up sticks now! Hugs, CoCo

  4. This project is perfect for our spring decor at the spa!!

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