New Dining Room Chairs and Some Updates

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Okay so I blew the surprise – I got new dining room chairs! Why do I need new dining room chairs you might ask? As if my life doesn’t already have enough upheaval in it, I have added another level of crazy. Let me explain.

A few weeks ago my friend and neighbor Darlene approached me with a proposition. Long story short – we opened an antiques booth together at a local shop. We are both in the midst of purging and downsizing and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to weed out our clutter and make money at the same time. Since moving to the lake full-time I have wanted to get rid of our dining room set. Even though it is a vintage set that we purchased 10 years ago this particular set isn’t practical. It is rickety, the veneer is starting to peel and the table is short. Honey Bee and I entertain a lot and we need a sturdier table.  This bad fuzzy photo  is the only one that I could find:


New venture…

So, Darlene and I filled up our vehicles with furniture, art, dishes and more. With the help of our hubbies we started loading up our booth. Much to our surprise people were approaching us for purchases before we were even fully unloaded…it was a little intimidating. I had already made a sale before we left that day. When I came back the next morning to bring more things to the booth the dining room set was gone. It had already sold – so had a lot of other things!

I was in a panic because after less that 12 hours our booth already looked empty. And it has been that way ever since…as soon as I put stuff in the booth, it sells. I can’t keep up!

New dining room chairs

The silver lining to this is, I quickly made enough money to buy new dining room chairs. I was in a HomeGoods near my dad’s house and I could not believe how huge their furniture department was. Yes, I said department. This particular store had dining room sets, sofas, hutches and more.

But I heard angels sing when I spotted these beauties…

New Dining Room Chairs. Chairs From HomeGoods

Aren’t they gorgeous?

New Dining Room Chairs. Covered buttons

I immediately fell in love with the linen color and the tufted chair backs.

New Dining Room Chairs. Beautiful linen dining room chairs.

And I hadn’t even seen the piece de resistance yet… the jewelry on the back.

New Dining Room Chairs. Pretty brass rings on the back of the dining room chairs.


ew Dining Room Chairs. Jewelry onthe back of the dining room chairs - pretty brass ring and tacks.

The nailhead trim is beautiful too.

New Dining Room Chairs. Dining chairs are linen and have brass tacks.

These chairs have so much detail for such a great price. Oh – and they are comfortable too! The old chairs left a lot to be desired in the comfort feature. I really like that the finish on the legs is slightly weathered.

New Dining Room Chairs. Linen Fabric and box seats.

Now you might be wondering what we are going to do about a new dining room table. Well, I have had a table that I purchased a couple of years ago that needs a makeover. It was in our garage at the old house and I moved it to the garage at this house. I have a vision in my head of how I want this table to look and I hope that I can pull it off, because it will look great with these chairs.

I will be sharing that with you within the next couple of weeks!

In the meantime I need to get my rear end in gear and take some more goodies up to the booth. I hope we continue with our success!

On Monday Jenn and I will be sharing some mother/daughter 4th of July place setting style with you. Until then we hope that you have a wonderful weekend!

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