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Design Trends 2016

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Hey y’all…We are so excited you are here with us today!

A little over a week ago, our Atlanta bloggers group had a special invitation for a preview of what’s new and next in home decor and furnishings. We are so appreciative that the Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market extended this invitation so that we could see first hand what is trending for 2016!

We got to explore new collections from the industries finest designers and showrooms, as well as speak to forecasters and trendsetters.

And the best part…we get to share with you what we discovered and learned! There are three buildings filled with showrooms that are packed with eye-candy for days…accessories, furniture, art and so much more. Most vendors were very gracious and allowed us to take photographs with our iPhones.

We will highlight the top three trends:

1. Weathered Wood and Farmhouse Style

The experts claimed this is a style that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Weathered wood continues to to be a hot trend in home furnishings as well as outdoor decor. Farmhouse style remains supreme as long as it looks authentically vintage and aged.

If you follow us on Instagram you have had a sneak peek of this lovely vignette…

Design Trends 2016We have a weak spot for cute little pigs and these two are precious…especially when they are surrounded by wood and chalkboards!

Design Trends 2016

Design Trends 2016Don’t these tobacco baskets look like antiques?

Design Trends 2016These wonderful containers are made solely from recycled materials. Boy, we wished we could bring them home 🙂

Design Trends 2016We couldn’t get enough of these creative light fixtures. They looked like antique salvaged building pieces that were turned into hanging pendant lights…

Design Trends 2016…and how about this chandelier made with aged chains and skeleton keys?

Design Trends 2016We are very happy to report that Bees are reported to be all of the rage in 2016 🙂 Bees were present in artwork, jewelry, pottery and glassware. We can’t wait!

Design Trends 2016Aren’t these Bee pottery cloches adorable. We had to sneak and take this photo as picture taking was not allowed…oops.

Design Trends 2016

2. The Blues

Blue will be a hot color – especially indigo and denim. Popular pairings for blue is gold, silver, bronze, oranges and pinks.

Design Trends 2016

Design Trends 2016

3. Mixed Metallics

Pairing mixed metal finishes and colors were everywhere in the market. Mixing gold, silver and bronze all in one room is high on the 2016 trend list.

Design Trends 2016

Design Trends 2016

This was one of our favorite displays…

Design Trends 2016We saw blue paired with green and gold in several showrooms…

Design Trends 2016

Farmhouse Style design trends for 2016

We hope you liked the snippet of this firsthand look of design trends for 2016.  We really like a little bit of everything but most of our favorite choices were in the weathered wood design houses. Which is your favorite?

Until tomorrow,

XO~Vicki and Jenn


  1. So many pretty things! I’m so excited the farmhouse and weathered wood is sticking around, I love that look too. I can’t wait to use the metallic trend too. So many fun things to look forward too

    1. Hey CoCo – we were excited too to learn that weathered wood and farmhouse style are still the rage! Metallics are so pretty too! Can’t wait to see what you do.

  2. Wow – I didn’t think I liked farmhouse style until I read this.

    1. That’s a great idea Cat. We wish we all lived closer to each other and do mini-meet-ups!

  3. Wow! Are you sure those things aren’t antiques?? They look so real! All of these styles are beautiful but I’m still a farm girl at heart! 🙂
    Thanks for taking us to Market with you!!

    1. Right, Angie?! Everything looked so vintage and authentic! Wish we could have brought it all home with us!

  4. Ladies, looks like such a fun day and I loved all the eye candy and great info!! I’m so glad bees are big for 2016 too and loved the glam display probably most. have a great day, Lisa

    1. Hey Lisa – You would have loved walking around with us! So much fun! Year of the Bees!

  5. I came across your blog quite by accident and signed up to receive your posts….wow you are 2 extremely talented ladies ….love your approach to design ….can’t wait for what comes next.

    1. Wow Melanie – thank you so much! We are so happy that you signed up to receive our posts. We each have a lot of projects in the works. Hope you like what you see!

  6. boy, I would really like to know where to find the stone cow! Do you remember the name of the show room? Really liked the bee cloches too.

  7. Thanks for posting this. A friend and I just opened up a booth a month ago and we are still getting our bearings on flipping furniture and creating eye-catching designs. Knowing what’s hot helps!

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